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5 big key word

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"Go up " the economic crisis that cause, industry of cabinet advanced position -- estate and domestic outfit course of study are fast and atrophic, channel competition worsens further, large-scale custom-built cannot come true tardy, the article passes the following phase of inflection point of market of estate of 5 old crucial and analytic a cupboard that also serves as a table:

Key word one: Price war

Before " Jin Jiuyin 10 " it is ambry enterprise when contending for Xiang Liang photograph, now of the day sales promotion strength is not small mid-autumn, the market reacts however indifferently, anyhow price war is less and less to market impact.

Hardware rose in price, plank rose in price, mesa rose in price, also rose in price artificially, the new-style trade barrier that overseas market appeared to become aggravated, of ambry industry " inflection point " be just as a strong wind, played the phenomenon of waver: Industry of a few ambry rose by force of cost pressure; and another compartment, for share of market of race to control, have low end of enterprise be involved in ceaselessly price war. Enter September, increasing reason returns to: Price war " the benign development that goes against ambry market, company a task of top priority should promote brand and service.

Key word 2: Large-scale custom-built

Pan Xiao Zhenceng says general manager of gold hutch ark: Ambry is large-scale custom-built it is a the only way that settles ambry industry to face dilemma and final development direction. At present large-scale custom-built still be a very intractable task: Program of housing development design is cop of water and electricity of notable difference; , conduit, gas wait for the layout of basic establishment to involve a cupboard that also serves as a table combine size of; kitchen electric equipment without seam. The tigidity that industry business is trying hard to seek production and consumer demand are flexible the equilibrium point between.

Key word 3: Industry conformity

Industry of in every case develops certain level, can appear for some time inside shuffle integrated. Someone says ambry 8 years very hard, 9 years harder: Does clothbound repair the market to still have how old latent capacity? How to roll out the market below the circumstance of financing difficulty? China achieves design and international difference to still exist formerly... confused confusion faze has a blurred vision all, although market prospect is not Anacreontic, but superior bad discard is competitive law.

Key word 4: Ambry industrialization mode

Detonated industry to be mixed to the attention of the mode of industrialization by Yadier discuss. China wholesale ambry business is very few, very as big as foreign difference. Because the service radius of ambry is small, step regional sale cost is high, date of delivery is long. If standardization was not carried out, accident leads tall tiring-room not to follow to go up, the radiate of competition ability and brand image can be reduced. Square too, Shuai Kang intervene energetically integral kitchen, mode of hutch report unifinication already showed result first.

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