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Hainan discovers field of the biggest nonferrous metal

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The reporter learns from association of province mining industry today, via the expert evaluation was maintained recently, the reserves of molybdenum ore natural resources that is located in hole of the Luo Kui that protect booth is 254 thousand tons, potential economy overbalance 100 billion yuan. This is the field of the biggest nonferrous metal that I visit heretofore to discover, before 10 are ranked in the molybdenum bed of countrywide ascertain.

According to introducing, the last a period of time of geological perambulate work of mining area of mine of molybdenum of hole of collect certain herbaceous plants with big flowers a year half, by Liaoning coloured geology bureau perambulate total courtyard is in charge of, its perambulate speed, dimensions, quality and achievement all achieved the historic breakthrough that I save mine to produce geological perambulate.

Perambulate shows mine of molybdenum of hole of collect certain herbaceous plants with big flowers is bed of large porphyry molybdenum, feature of its ore body is bury shallow, reserve is large, can undertake extremely big dimensions extracts showing. Country rock of ore body of bed of molybdenum of hole of collect certain herbaceous plants with big flowers is onefold, lava of the acidity in all be and granite, performance of ore processing technique is good, choose easily, reclaim rate is high. Bed extracts technical condition belongs to medium type on the whole.

Molybdenum is resource of a kind of rare precious heavy metal, basically use at the special industry such as material of building of aviation, headroom, for military use, market prospect is hopeful.

Ran the Hainan gold that acquires right of this mine prospect through the market last year line of business of continent city molybdenum tells a reporter about chief, this company plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, luo Kui the hole builds the large modern mine with top-ranking international. At present this company already began to deal with each procedure that mining authority place requires, the plan finishs place of all mining authority to require the work out of the report and evaluation before the end of the year, hopeful completes the capital construction of mine inside two years.

According to introducing, the ore dressing plant that this company plans to build a day to handle ore to measure 30 thousand tons and year the large mine that handles ore to measure 10 million tons, its scale of production will squeeze before 5 medium into company of countrywide molybdenum ore. Calculate according to current market condition, the year after next of this project put into production produces molybdenum ore 7000 tons, can achieve sales revenue every year 1.3 billion yuan, benefit the amount of tax to be paid can amount to 300 million yuan, can solve obtain employment of 3000 much people.

Protect booth to express about chief, will advance molybdenum mine construction actively, as soon as possible advantage of economy of resource advantage melt into, the economic society that drives minority area develops.

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