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Be put into trouble is overall the market glides

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Experienced successive the existence that the machine tool trade that 8 years high speed increases appeared to had forgotten economic cycle, but in this summer, they experienced chill really -- , the sale glides, inventory increases. Before experiencing a few times the person of old machine tool of winter judges from this: New round depression perhaps is approaching.

Produce can superfluous crowded broken bubble

The reporter is in and a phenomenon discovers when communication of the personage inside course of study: General purpose machine tool and medium or small the machine tool glides serious, special machine tool and impact of bed of large scale computer are not big.

Somebody thinks, because macroscopical adjusting control is caused,the produce and sale since second half of the year glides is, guangzhou city quick fine Zhao Hu of general manager of production technology limited company objects however. He thinks, whole of machine tool industry glides advocate because of, be not macroscopical adjusting control, macroscopical adjusting control just is squeezed defeated produce can superfluous foam, be " last grass of crushing camel " .

Really, medium or small lathe, numerical control lathe and vertical machining center glide most serious, and the proportion that these two kinds of machine tools hold numerical control machine tool is the largest, with quantitative plan occupies 70%~80% at least, this creates machine tool industry overall gliding situation.

Zhao Hu thinks, machine tool industry grows through nearly 10 years of high speed, had changed the structure 10 years ago. These year after all new established plant of how many machine tool, tell clearly without the person. In glide most serious numerical control lathe and domain of vertical machining center, produce can superfluous phenomenon very serious.

Zhao Hu says: "Be in in low end machine tool domain, machine tool (include numerical control machine tool) seem to do not have a technology but character, seek a few people casually, also do not have even blueprint even, can produce numerical control lathe and vertical machining center. This kind of practice that be fooled and goes up, it is very harmful to the development of the industry. Home's main a few large and state-owned companies that give priority to in order to produce lathe, output also is great breathtaking, some achieved before the world 10 level even. "

"In recent years, rate of growth of machine tool industry is achieved at every turn 30% , the market sustains so rapid growth impossibly. Of a lot of business investment produce can have not developed completely, new project still is in however in succession mount a horse. " Zhao Hu says: "Because a few this years the country takes equipment manufacturing industry seriously very much, and the foundation that machine tool industry is equipment manufacturing industry, some local government label machine tool industry pillar industry of place. Enterprise especially state-owned company falls in the pressure of governmental baton, in the government the support of all sorts of favourable policy falls, in the market an auspicious encouragement falls, work energetically go up quickly, producing also can be to break up continuously time. "

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