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2008 in aluminous company succeeds and buy break out of an encirclement
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On September 16, of company of Chinese aluminous estate " big coloured " the strategy leaves one town again, its and Russia ARICOM company invest 4 billion yuan jointly produce per year project of 15 thousand tons of titanium sponge to begin to begin construction. The personage inside course of study thinks, this year experience of nonferrous metal industry is produced can superfluous in the predicament that glides with the price, abroad and outspread project is explored quickly while aluminous company puts delay home annex in, carry out " + of aluminous + copper rare metal " diversity strategy, this is its are sought but the crucial position of durative development.

In fact, include and be bought and build produce can two kinds of methods inside " dimensions is outspread " method, it is medium all the time aluminium holds the market and augment quickly to produce can effective edge tool, although encountered fluctuation swims to squash at the same time since this year, but in aluminous dimensions changes pace and do not have halt, besides intense prepare to construct outside titanium project, aluminium returns plan ginseng to build the Chengdu that always invests 3.7 billion yuan in 100 thousand tons of class double project of 0 aluminum foil, continue to promote abroad project actively. In company China aluminous course of study appears on the market below aluminous company division (601600) president Luo Jianchuan discloses, aluminium is planning to electroanalysis in Chongqing investment in aluminous factory, he still expresses " in aluminium won't stop and buy, and the cost that the company buys when the industry is adjusted is lower " .

Home is transverse buy slow down

Come 7 years, aluminium is in those who buy type dilate in drive next benefit good people much, profit achieves 10 times 2001, sale is 8 times. Pass especially 2005 - two are bought greatly 2006 year, came true to electroanalysis aluminium produces the breakthrough that can go to 3.67 million tons from 670 thousand tons, xiao Yaqing of president of Chinese aluminous cause says, among them 80 % above by buy come, and this most should be attributed to and purchase type development.

In fact, those who make a person dazzling is carry out to arrive from Australia in the success Peruvian, wait many cases to buy case hind domestic and internationally to copper mine from aluminous iron ore, in aluminous color of the act in look forward to of this one center is distinctive buy past master, had become the vane that industry annex recombines, although be in,the circumstances that at present nonferrous metal encounters entire industry predicament falls not exceptional also, the market is being searched in the aluminium in hearsay all the time use medium and small businesses to close the good chance that stop to seek low cost dilate.

The manager of company of iron of a large section of domestic tells a reporter, when the industry is stagnant, realize dimensions dilate through buying the way such as conformity, it is an enterprise the main strategy act of advantage of new establishment competition, it is development also be " protect oneself " necessary choice.
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