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Xu Lejiang of president of treasure steel group: Our country steely course of st
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Held a few days ago " annual meeting of treasure steel learning " go up, xu Lejiang of president of treasure steel group expresses, new round of steely course of study buys upsurge to had spread out, affect the competitive situation of world steely trade, "Dimensions dilate becomes enterprise of current international iron and steel to answer difficulty, the significant move of advantage of new establishment competition " .

Xu Lejiang is right at present the gain risk of domestic steel look forward to expressed to be anxious. He expresses, begin from 2006, crop of Chinese crude steel has been more than consumption of domestic crude steel. Especially demand of near future market glides, steelworks gain risk increases, steely industry high speed grows period to had gone, industry inflection point begins to show. He expresses, dimensions dilate will be become what Bao Gang will develop henceforth is important one extremely, bao Gang already establish " dimensions + high-quality goods " strategic direction.

Domestic annex recombines to be given priority to in order to commercialize

On this learning annual meeting, come from domestic and international the tall canal of each steely business tycoon and industry analyst all are opposite the annex liability that at present global economy puts delay and iron ore company expresses anxiety. One does not wish to divulge the delegate of Korea steel look forward to of the full name thinks, because Australia superintends a branch to already allowed to need and need develop buys force develop company with the price of 101 billion dollar, the possibility that because of this this picket world the most large-scale mining industry buys case success is very large, will to bearing several years continuously iron ore rises in price the Asian steel look forward to of pressure is brought tremendous and adverse.

Xu Lejiang expresses, bao Gang has foreknown, the concentration of the industry such as the mining industry that is based on upper reaches, downstream car, shipbuilding lives profit rises, the double pressure that course of study of global iron and steel comes from fluctuation to swim is greater and greater, realize dimensions dilate through buying the way such as conformity, become current and steely company the main strategy act of advantage of new establishment competition, what annex weighs group general to become steely industry below one round to raise concentration to spend is thematic.

In the light of Chinese iron and steel the industry buys peculiar way to select an issue, xu Lejiang thinks, domestic annex already endured a government " visible hand " oriented, will commercialize henceforth " invisible hand " strength may bigger, of Chinese steely industry shuffle can come more strongly.

Bao Gang locates " dimensions + high-quality goods "

As a result of price of domestic steel products already successive a few months appears to drop considerably, strong always " treasure steel price " also be forced to be reduced continuously, wait for large and steely enterprise to Bao Gang because of this market " hibernate " act cares very. "My steely net " an analyst tells a reporter, in September end, heibei iron and steel, head the large and steely enterprise such as steel, aid steel reachs consensus, will progressively control is made an appointment with 20% the left and right sides is produced can, maintain balance of market supply and demand. "Nevertheless Bao Gang is taking another method pass the winter apparently, develop its peculiar high-end product dominant position and skilled and efficient annex method namely " .
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