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Prices of 4 start shooting of old steel mill guard battle
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Drop drop endlessly because,steel price is done not have " Jin Jiuyin 10 " come and have improvement a bit, "11 " last weeks before, domestic steel price drops more than 5% . On September 29, heibei iron and steel, head iron and steel of steel, Shandong, An Yang 4 old steel mill come out in succession in October reduction of output the message of 20% . Analytic personage thinks, as a result of domestic slow down in demand, steel price falls situation did not decrease, and former fuel price is pushed further again new the tide that price of round of steel drops. Below enormous deficit pressure, "Support value of reduction of output " had become a lot of steelworks " the card that maintain an order " .

Demand not flourishing sends steel price to drop

Mysteel analyst Xu Xiangchun expresses, price of steel products of the home before the section still fails stanch drops pace, rolled steel price drops more than 5% .

On September 28, hot-rolling of Shanghai field 4.75mm coils 4500 yuan / ton, drop than last week 320 yuan; 1.0mm cold rolling board 5830 yuan / ton, drop than last week 370 yuan. Tianjin market 16, 25mm whorl steel 4500 yuan / ton, drop than last week 300 yuan; Tall line 4200 yuan / ton, drop than last week 420 yuan.

And be opposite next week according to Mysteel (on September 29, 2008 - on October 10, 2008) investigation of tendency of the market of breed of domestic share rolled steel, the market goes generally to the market after the section situation support pessimistic attitude. Findings shows, 78% suffer the person that visit to think to rolled steel is built to drop after the section, see the person that make the same score occupy 18% , only 4% bullish. Coil to hot-rolling board go situation, 55% think to drop, see the person that make the same score occupy 30% , the public figure of 15% is bullish.

Price of steel of be a burden on of former fuel be issued to lower levels

The personage inside course of study thinks, in June since the first ten days of a month, because cost resides steel price not to fall high, steel price for a time exalted dish whole. Current, the situation has produced changeover. The be issued to lower levels of price of main former fuel such as iron ore, coke drives steel price to drop further.

The situation that the reporter understands makes clear, last week, whole of market of pink of domestic iron essence moves low fan, quote of pink of essence of partial area iron glides considerably, become friendship condition to did not improve apparently. Pink of essence of iron of Tang Shan area (66% dry basis contain tax) the price 1050 yuan / ton, drop than last week 180 yuan. Market of mine of 28 days of entrances goes weak continuously, shipment as before not free, inventory still is resided do not fall high, be in current low below confused market environment, unbalance of supply and demand of iron ore market, later period goes situation not allow hopeful. 930-960 of quote of mainstream of mine of 63.5% India pink yuan / ton, drop than last week 170 yuan.
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