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Protect growth to control inflation
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Accelerate tax system reform further

Face complex international environment and grim domestic economic situation, expert proposal, the taxation policy that involves benefit and overall situation, whole should come on stage as early as possible

Below the influence of economic depression of aggravate of American finance storm, whole world, chinese front is facing economy to increase gliding risk. Statistical data shows, countrywide revenue income gained follow this year in July fast answer considerably backward, sheer specified number and increase rate achieved revenue income again August only month is the most low-level since this year, increasing ratio last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 31.9 percent, than this year 1, July fall after a rise 19.2 percent.

Taxation is added fast considerably the main reason of fall after a rise is, economy of countryman of second half of the year has appeared the moving state that adds fast slow down. Average per capita of dweller of company profit, town can control house of imports and exports of income, foreign trade, commodity to sell course of study of sale of area, car, negotiable securities, insurance, real estate and building to install industry business income to wait, add fast all have different rate fall after a rise, some appears even negative growth. The stock trades etc continuously low fan, bring about negotiable securities to trade stamp duty decreases considerably.

Since this year, face the new change that domestic international circumstances appears, finance policy produces effect further in macroscopical adjusting control: In the light of international demand abate, RMB appreciates, cost rises the pressure that waits for export business to bring, the partial commodity such as textile was moved to export drawback to lead on; In the light of a few medium and small businesses production manages medium of communication of difficult, financing not the problem such as free, central finance is increased and guide local finance to increase the capital support that expands to medium and small businesses, assure in credence of medium and small businesses, loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, government is purchased wait for a respect to give policy tilts, stop close individual and industrial and commercial market control expends an administration fee and market trade, reduce burden of medium and small businesses; Be aimed at the case that gets an international market to affect the stock market to drop considerably, trade negotiable securities stamp duty is bilateral collect instead unilateral, reduce investor to trade cost, be helpful for stabilizing capital market. These act highlight key, distinction to treat, reflected finance policy the specific aim in macroscopical adjusting control and flexibility, rapidder to maintaining economy to last development had main effect.

The expert puts forward, face complex international environment and grim domestic economic situation, finance policy should produce bigger effect in macroscopical adjusting control, the adjusting control of local, key that having having specific aim at the same time, still need to accelerate tax system reform further, make a few taxation policy that involve overall situation, benefit and whole are carried out at an early date.
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