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Lamp act the role ofing: The attractive costar of bedroom corner (group plan)
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If say the home is a film, lamp act the role ofing won't become domestic protagonist forever. But, regard a name as accord with actually costar, lamp act the role ofing, become likely however " " this film success or failure crucial minor role.

Warm light creation is nostalgic

The desk lamp with beautiful modelling, economic illume tool is not only in the home; Can become a wonderful house act the role ofing to taste likewise. In revealing plain southeast Asia amorous feelings everywhere in indoor environment, desk lamp of a transparent glass, twinkle through white snowflake design the hazy and comfortable light that give, let us yearn for, in one's childhood the warmth before desk of books written in ancient times and happiness.

Inside inn of be in harmony of price of cany bed DARA, ¥ of home of appropriate of desk lamp of white snowflake glass 169, ¥ of home of white dock-glass appropriate 15.9, qing Dynasty strides green to rely on a bag (big) DARA ¥ 368, duckweed relies on to wrap DARA ¥ 588, ¥ of potted appropriate home 5.9

The special care that corner manages

A certain corner of the bedroom, put the desk lamp of harmony of a style, have practical function not only, become the pen of the dot eyeball in the bedroom possibly still. Mediterranean is tonal deserve to act the role of with Chinese style mix the horny cabinet that joins a style, black and white and trenchant fruity desk lamp, white printing drape, hale and hearty and Yin Rou are united in wedlock so properly, made up for the blank of corner, dash forward the refined sentiment that showed.

¥ of DARA of chair of Han Sixiu idle 7880, green relies on to wrap DARA ¥ 588, confuse you ¥ of green DARA relying on a bag 180, shoe sirocco 280, ¥ of curtain appropriate home 99, ¥ of DARA of ark of one drawer door 1499, ¥ of calabash lamp DARA 798

The lamp that administrative levels feels acts the role of a language

Undoubted, a good movie needs administrative levels sense, as much. In the little space that decorates opposite heavy and complicated, modelling is simple the floor lamp with succinct line, of advocate is contracted new modernistic language. Metallic ability pledges and simple geometrical logo, become the prospect in the space more easily alone, the conch that collides sadly in gentle breeze with backside bead shade set each other off, fasten sapid.

¥ of DARA of white noodle ark 5999, inside inn of be in harmony of price of floor lamp DARA, ¥ of home of appropriate of transparent glass vase 19.9, glass source loves to live in ¥ 9.9, ¥ of round stool DARA 380
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