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High-quality goods lives: The attractive war in the kitchen (graph)
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"Enter kitchen, give the hall that get office " , this remains the standard of good woman, nice lady in Guangzhou person eye. Different is, "The Fu that boil " assign the responsibility that is a woman no longer, disappear in former days " yellow face mother-in-law " disconsolate, preparing food also is formality no longer, all sorts of detail in the kitchen are weighed and inspect: There is capable and vigorous and bright Daoguang to flow between the five fingers, food is become by agile treatment of dainty a bead bead... cutting tool all along is a kitchen one of necessary tools, we are used only previously sharp the quality that will judge cutting tool, now be particular about of small knife criterion only the knife is special, arrive from design rolled steel, the choice must make a person dazzling more. On the market, chinese style knife and Western-style knife competition are intense, the difference between them, what reflecting habit of food of Chinese and Western toward contact is different.

The attractive war in the kitchen

The attractive war in the kitchen

Big kitchen knife fell behind! Dainty into tide

Find out " yellow face mother-in-law " nurturance, our idiomatic big kitchen knife may be accomplice -- , the hand of fine fine jade that just invites a woman is grasping a heavy big kitchen knife to work everyday, again delicate little hand must straightforward rise. Fortunately of kitchen of infestation of big nowadays kitchen knife " brilliant " the times has gone, the Western-style knife of dainty popular.

Social division of labor is more and more meticulous, cutting tool is same not exceptional. Tool production business is obtained from inside experience of life inspire, according to different utility, development gave various special cutting tool, breed must teach a person continuously more dumbfounded. According to the sale director of tool shop deserted young lady introduces, different cutting tool, the ply of its point, knife, requirement of edge angle, hardness is different, cabinet Western-style Dao Yue will suffer a client welcome more, it is many people only not quite clear still to their class. At present the Western-style knife on market basically has so a few kinds, --

● is multi-purpose knife: Western-style advocate knife, knife face grows quite and wide, it is most all-round kitchen uses a knife, suit cut slices of fish meat to wait particularly.

● greens kitchen knife: Western-style knife is familial medium " light-duty weapon " , knife body is shorter, exquisite and light, hard, sharp, use at fruit of cutting greens snake melon and birthday department. If be cut peel the melon and fruit with thicker, bigger gains, can search " figure is slim " watermelon knife.
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