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Hutch protects terminal medium of communication beg in predicament change
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Cost is climbed gradually litre, market environment encounters sales commission of cold, trade to wait cause hutch to defend terminal channel be in a dilemma. A few local government start the near future relevant assist policy, help medium and small businesses casts off predicament. Hutch defends a product to still belong to low attention product at present, how using network sale to cultivate terminal customer is an enterprise, also be one of development problems of the industry.

Beg in predicament of channel of the terminal that defend bath change market of the B2B that grab a beach

Home defends bath sale to glide continuously, create enormous pressure to enterprise and agency. The change of whole market, make terminal defends change of bath market structure, the channel sale that also makes the company that defend bath seeks new breakthrough. Terminal is flabby, the enterprise sells certainly will to suffer serious effect, this also is an enterprise in the reason that the site works hard in market dilate. Distribute of straight battalion, representative, sell field, building materials the supermarket, exhibit the meeting is an enterprise commonly used terminal channel mode. And 07, 8 years since, the channel sale of the enterprise that defend bath produced very big change, network sale makes the breakthrough point of terminal sale: Net inn is built, the enterprise defending bath such as card of Heng Jie, arrow has the government to clean out treasure inn, organize large network group to buy etc.

Before before long, hangzhou city was started " gazelle " plan, the plan uses allowance of capital of 560 million yuan of finance 10000 medium and small businesses, use at application of electronic business affairs. And before this, the city such as Guangzhou, Shanghai also published relevant policy. Platform of a few large electronic business affairs roll out the favourable project that is aimed at an enterprise in succession, with governmental appearance echo, even somebody is fatidical electronic business affairs " low times " will come. Alibaba immediately respond to a news, vacate a hand to undertake medium and small businesses builds station project. Hutch defends net of the clean in platform of electronic business affairs to roll out business affairs to connect enterprise trade edition, help medium and small businesses spends economy " in the winter " , the enterprise needs to cost 2000 yuan only, can enjoy the resource of distribute supply and demand that covers countrywide market two years continuously. The personage inside course of study of no less than analyses: The mobile phone of prospective no less than of electronic business affairs and broadband are same, be sure to come true by " high threshold, high cost " to " low doorsill " and " Chinese cabbage price " change, the money that medium and small businesses needs a flower to go up in electronic business affairs will be less and less, electronic business affairs will produce a turn from this probably.
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