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Door of guard against theft of choose and buy 12 element
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The main function of door of guard against theft is guard against theft, just be adornment beautification action next. Should put the emphasis in when the choose and buy look carefully at function of burgalry of guard against theft and quality to go up.

The exterior of door of guard against theft is mixed form

1, the dimension size of the door and to

Door of family expenses standard has 4 kinds of norms commonly, the 4 digit word that comprises by the width that builds mouth of a cave and height expresses. For example: The width of door hole is 1 meter, when height is 2.1 meters, its norms is called 1021, commonly used norms has 0920, 0921, 1020, 1021 etc. Of the door leave to be inward swinging door and outward swinging door to cent, inward swinging door and outward swinging door are divided again for Zun Kaihe right, the direction that the user can open the door according to facilitating comes to those who choose the door to leave to.

2, the exterior quality of the door is mixed security

The data that exit of eligible guard against theft uses all accords with national level requirement, the ply that steel pledges the doorcase of door of guard against theft uses board should not be less than 2 millimeter, the plate thickness that the around face plate of door leaf uses commonly is between 0.8-1 millimeter, door leaf interior is set framework and strengthen board, rise to be prevented certainly destroy function, can reach the level of guard against theft that national level asks.

3, hardware security

Guard against theft of lock of ① guard against theft is the most important part for lock face each other, guard against theft locks up the stand or fall of function to matter to the security of the door directly, the organic instrument lock that door of guard against theft uses commonly and electron are locked up. When lock of guard against theft is chosen, want to notice the product needs the attestation that appoints authoritative orgnaization through the country. Lock of guard against theft should be had prevent auger, prevent curium, prevent prize, prevent pull, prevent the concussion, function that prevents technical open. The lock component that uses on door of guard against theft nods lock and many bits of lock for sheet, lock of so called only place is to show lock passes the door lock of lock name a person for a particular job that locks up itself to shut. Many bits of lock is to point to outside dividing oneself, drive deputy lock at the same time, form many locks place, distributing in doorcase all around, enhance the performance that prevent prize.

The guard against theft that door of guard against theft uses locks up bolt (bolt) its extend length, door of class A guard against theft extends length to should not be less than 14 millimeter, b class should not be less than 20 millimeter. The crust that guard against theft locks up is used commonly do not be less than 2 millimeter large board or provide the data that uses particular strength to make, hem, mouth is in should weld or integral strike out. Be in advocate bolt (bolt) gearing and the crucial position of the correspondence that lock up a body, due prevent get spring or prevent auger set wait for safeguard.
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