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Inductive clean provides valence tall dimension to protect much
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"The hand extends water self-invited " inductive faucet is in public not scarce, but in the installation in dweller home similar reaction clean is provided quite little however. Mostly in building materials market, inductive clean provides variety all ready, business flourishing, but the client is engineering construction unit more, domestic user is little little. Water of vogue, convenient, wholesome, section, what why the inductive clean of such clearly provides the advantage to you can encounter the home holds the market is so desolate?

To this, chief inspector of Lao Di market Mr Zhou Bilong was overcome to express on Buddha Tao Zhan April, "The price tall, installation is difficult it is inductive clean march the main obstacle of a costume market. Although the domestic user that buys inductive clean to provide is increasing, but what occupy scale to still do not arrive to be become. Gain ground on existence technology difficult problem, domestic user also is all the time piece ' chicken ribs ' . " as we have learned, common bibcock is general unit price is controlled in 100 yuan, and inductive faucet unit price is controlled in 500 yuan. The price of on the high side, plus installation difficulty is great, most family is accepted hard no wonder also.

Additionally inductive clean is provided still facing a common technical difficult problem, namely the use requirement that domestic water quality cannot satisfy the establishment that defend bath. Because water quality itself reachs system of construction of the impurity in its water, installation,material of non-standard, conduit pledges the element such as material quality the good and bad are intermingled, bring about inductive clean to have fault rate tall, faucet, closestool run risk a leakage phenomenon to cannot be solved at all.

Result manufacturer is kept constantly on the run come to safeguard, the user blames slue, more increased what inductive clean provides to popularize difficulty.

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