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Cupreous inventory or will increase once more
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25 days, united States Congress already with respect to the Ministry of finance 700 billion dollar saves city to plan " a principle " reached agreement of a two parties, this plan aims to the fund with credit market new infuse. Respect of the White House says, this plan that help city has obtained apparent progress, because this is able to improve,market person is enraged. The economic data that 4 United States publish Dan Benzhou anticipates under the market, among them data of manufacturing industry order glided considerably in August, unemployed gold number is asked to increase considerably first. Suffer this effect, metallic market bear pressure, LME in March period copper yesterday electron dish issue defeat considerably, dish in drop for a time to 6892 dollars / ton.

And in home market respect, week of period copper contract receives Shanghai futures exchange small 5 go up, grow light trading of false eve market, 812 agreement of brunt of Zhouwu Shanghai copper are round-the-clock maintain concussion prices, with 53400 yuan small panel height leaves, jump for a time afternoon low reach 53100 yuan, after this bull is pulled point-blank rise to close finally go up 0.24% reach 53360 yuan, clinch a deal quantity atrophy comes 89058 hands, round-the-clock decrease a storehouse 7200 hands.

LME period copper faces fall after a rise pressure

Up to inventory of copper of two hundred thousand one hundred and seventy-five LME was maintained on September 26 be in 200175 tons; Cancel a storehouse sheet is 6425 tons, the proportion that holds stock is made an appointment with 3% the left and right sides. At present LME inventory is maintained control in 200 thousand tons, add fast relatively before level begins to put delay apparently, and cancel a storehouse Chan Zaisheng reachs 20 thousand tons around hind, companion decreases to also turn as inventory to drop.

Gu Zheng of southwest futures analyst thinks, cancel the distributinging state with only storehouse to look from the near future, LME copper pours out of an object basically to be China. If later period cancels a storehouse Chan Nengwei is held continue reductive trend, LME copper inventory or will turn once more to increase.

Additional, from LME copper the data that maintain a warehouse shows, its maintain a warehouse the quantity increases continuously, at present nominal large family maintains a warehouse force has definite advantage relatively in far month, city copper price also will face pressure of fall after a rise after.

Domestic cupreous stock will rise once more

The beginning of the year, the inventory of Shanghai bourse copper is controlled in 20 thousand tons, controlled May, stocks rises to considerably 70 thousand tons, stocks of after this copper is in downtrend all the time, achieve went out in last few years new low, merchandise on hand is maintaining high premium pattern, and the output of fine copper increases rate compared to the same period successive 6 months are reduced, highlight what domestic copper supplies to slant close.
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