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Compound film studies accept rice diamond
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The data that uses on industry often is chosen according to coming to the requirement of intensity, but its surface function, be able to bear or endure for example abrasiveness, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, conductivity can not satisfy a requirement certainly. Accordingly, the film that need chooses to differ in order to satisfy the requirement of exterior function. The preparation of film can pass mechanical plating, triboelectricity gush plating, shed plating, laser plating, dip plating, electrophoresis besmear outfit, compound eletroplate wait for a technology to come true. In recent years, the compound film that high speed development rises makes the new show of composite material with its distinctive physics, chemical, mechanical function, get wide attention, and already by accepted manufacture a technology for a kind. Compound film is pass metallic electrodeposit or in all deposit method, plant or will count kind not even ground be mingled with goes to the solid grain of dissolve sex, fiber the special film that forms in metallic film. Serve as dispersive particle in order to exceed hard data, the compound film that forms with the metal is called exceed hard data compound film. Compound film belongs to the diamond of article intermediary carry on this kind. The preparation method of compound film basically has diamond chemical and compound plating and compound electrodeposit law.

Diamond grain and metal are ionic in all deposit mechanism

The diamond grain that joins in compound plating fluid has very strong chemical stability, it does not share any chemical reaction in the process that apply plating, just with chemistry (electrochemistry) collective deposit is in the metallic ion that reaction produces of matrix apparently. The mechanism with compound usable and same film comes to reason chemistry plating and electrodeposit explanation. Studying compound eletroplate in all in deposit process, people ever put forward 3 kinds in all deposit mechanism, namely mechanical in all deposit, electrophoresis in all deposit and adsorption in all deposit. At present relatively accepted is by N. Two paragraphs of adsorption that i of m of l of e of i of l of G u g put forward 1972 are academic. The model that i of m of e of i of l of G u g offers thinks, the atomic surface in plating fluid is surrounded for ionic place, after arriving at cathode surface, above all inattentive ground is adsorptive (weak adsorption) at cathode surface, this is physisorption, it is reversible process. Next, undertake as what electrode reacts, one part weak adsorption the ion at atomic surface by reductive, particle and cathode produce strong adsorption, this is not reversible process, particle enters cathode surface stage by stage, then by deposit metallic place embedded.

This model maths processing to weak adsorptive measure uses adsorption of r of i of u of m of g of L a n the form of isothermal type. To strong adsorptive move, think atomic strong adsorptive rate and enclothe degree of electric field with electrode and solution interface adsorptively to concern infirmly. The research wearability such as Wang Senlin nickel diamond is compound of film in all deposit process, result surface:  of Gan of  of  of fine grain of Bo of  of  egret account hopes to pull herd of Lv of Hui of Yu of Dan of Liang of acyl Shu Yu to tell its speed of? of P of litter  Jiao to control measure to be strong adsorptive move. So far, new technology of compound electrodeposit and other, new technology is same, practice goes in front of academic aloof, the research of its mechanism is in ceaseless development.
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