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Spanish magnetism implement company general and faucet business cooperate
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On the west country magnetism implement manufacturer Lladro is improvement its are main product - adornment sex china - turnover reduces state, already designed manufacturer Supergrif company to sign cooperative agreement with faucet, in order to extend project of its brand product. LladroBano of new series commodity, with, give priority to, take high-grade course, will 2006 the first season appears on the market.

Lladró company basically is in charge of products plan and china fittings making, and Supergrif company is to be in charge of production reaching technical problem. Additional, sale respect is cooperated jointly by two companies; Supergrif company by its sell foothold domestic and internationally to extend this new series product, and Lladro comes through brand shop and agent sale.

To make a product more appearance is changed, lladró and Supergrif cooperate, its the brand is pushed to taller state; And Supergrif also has as famous as other stylist (AntonioMiró , MiquelMilà and the experience that Ora-Ito) cooperates.

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