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The white-collar should be decorated how to choose high grade faucet
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Buy the home to choose high grade faucet, need has proper understanding and the practical experience that combine his to the knowledge of faucet character, you can judge a where to plant is high grade faucet, will understand a few knowledge of faucet above all.

The faucet on market is sundry, the price is uneven also, consumer is in choose and buy when the exterior pattern that often saw faucet only, actually, the stand or fall of a faucet, by its function and structure are decided.

Above all, the key of stand or fall of faucet quality depends on core of a powerful person. At present the bibcock on the market basically has core of a powerful person of pottery and porcelain, ball valve core and core of balata a powerful person 3 kinds. Core of a powerful person of pottery and porcelain is the material of core of a powerful person of new generation, sealed performance is good, physical performance is steady, service life is long, use normally commonly in 10 years of above.

Faucet main body by brass, bronze (or copper alloy) cast and become, of course integral mould function is best.

Identify bibcock, can go up from the function and try to distinguish on the structure.

From the faucet on the function cent is

1, triplex bath crock faucet: Two give water opening, one joins bath crock flower is aspersed, flower of a join asperses the bibcock below, use for shower.

2, faucet of room of basin of double couplet face: It is double couplet commonly, can connect cold hot water. Mouth giving water is taller, faucet front is longer, some still sets tube even, but much angle rotates, use for catharsis.

From the faucet on the structure cent is

1, Chan Bing kind: The characteristic is switch agile, service life is long, adjust temperature is quick and convenient.

2, the faucet that brings 90 degrees of start: The characteristic is the foundation in handle of traditional both hands to go up, the ceramics that use contented undertakes sealed, handle rotates when switch bibcock 90 degrees can, divide both sides of cold hot water to undertake modulatory, open is convenient, design diversity, modelling is various.

3, traditional helix promotes style firmly: Amount giving water is large, the price is low (use) lesser already at present.

4, stainless steel is hollow the ball is sealed with type of lever of a powerful person sealed: Use for entrance faucet commonly, some is completely lukewarm even accuse, the price is higher.

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