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Wind of nature of posture of popularity of the product that defend bath is class
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Posture of popularity of the product that defend bath

Nature wind

Real wood is decorated show rural amorous feelings

“2006 year popular style, one is real wood adornment walks into Wei Yu space, especially a few public commonly used material is entered character, for instance sauna board. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad pacify says ” stylist, for busy to the job urbanite, graph coming home warmth and comfortable, be in especially in the winter, ligneous adornment can make the person feels very comfortable, also reflect a consumer to pay attention to environmental protection and life grade more, advocate to live naturally. For the consumer of fashionable to pursuit, satisfied life, they think through decorating the Wei Yu oneself the space builds a halcyon, romance to have the small harbour of rural breath, this breaks traditional method with respect to need, will frozen wall brick changes a sentient colorific warm color to move water wall paint ligneous perhaps adornment, deserve to act the role of plus the later period such as greenery, such, the environment defending bath of another amorous feelings can appear in you at the moment.

Classic wind

European emotional appeal elegant

“ pursuit decorates a style classically also was 2006 popular popular topic. ” stylist Ji Qinglong says, in recent years, to Ou Shi the longing of emotional appeal also becomes the popular topic that a lot of consumer decorate, expensive European lines and design catered to their pursuit to life character. Classicism still reflects the adornment tide that lives in the space that defend bath in international to go up, the adornment lens that the European classic Ba Luo that compares popularity now for instance overcomes adornment style, give a person with very additional kind costly move and high and elegant temperament. And things of Ou Shi that defend bath, arrive from column basin small soap box, no matter be modelling or colour collocation,all without exception does not have distinguishing feature. Contain aureate illuminative Ou Shijie to provide bigger limit ground to appear gave main body style, accurate and full. Light lamplight is jumped move the metope in light color and ground to go up, compactly expression gives costly connotation.

Halfback wind

Mosaic cuts off explanation artistic quality

“ enters household as transparent Wei Yu, illicit close space begins and be in harmony of whole household space is an organic whole. Hill of ” stylist Yin says so, from the point of the requirement that consumer designed to Wei Yu 2005, human nature changes demand to make the first selection of the life, consumer is in take corporeal technology measure seriously while, height values building aesthetic principle, take creation seriously to have the interior space that behaves force and appeal and figure.

To the person of avant-courier of a few pursuit, when washing bath to increase romantic emotional appeal, more popular now way is to pass concise and contemporary blue mosaic partition wall, the effect of material qualitative grain that cooperates lamplight generation to differ with orange waterproof wall paint, enhance the stereo sense on the vision, pass at the same time tall with low, static with move wait for a variety of comparative effects, explain the artistic quality that mosaic has alone adequately. Deserve to go up again downy lamplight, whole toilet was full of romance and warmth. Still having a kind of way is to remove the door with trival bathroom, change vitreous partition, flat perhaps whats do not want, move dresser again, let TV, sound even also place oneself among them, at this moment, the space that defend bath was become rest completely region. (the editor is arranged)
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