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The country is banned defend space of bath metals market with high cost fittings
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Concern the announcement that transforms clean of urban house sanitation to provide according to what the country gives out about the branch, the cistern fittings that Beijing already began to wash out vintage toilet bowl to go up, convert section water fittings.

According to 5 years of programs of water Wu bureau, the section water that will purchase more than 550 thousand ball valve, enter faucet, transform the vintage toilet bowl of dweller family freely. Meanwhile, still will increase execute the law strength, wash out national explicit order to ban a replacement of used closestool of high cost water. These water provide every to cover 60 reach 70 yuan, if be being installed,attaint appears after 1 year, the dweller is derived from oneself draw out money to purchase. For market of this pair of building materials, metals, the business with not small brushstroke of it may be said.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, space of market of fittings of the hardware that defend bath is larger. A department of the fittings that defend bath is very much, but include cup of mirror, tooth brush, tooth in the main tube of lever of stage of cup wearing, soap, towel, bath towel wearing, clothes hood, paper is worn, clothes-hook and closestool brush box. Because the fittings that defend bath uses frequent, product to update very fast, belong to easy bad news to taste, additional, the exterior looks like elegant artwork, attract consumption easily.

As we have learned, go up character from material look, chromium of plating of the alloy of Wei Yuwu Jin Yitai on the market, pure copper, stainless steel plating is at present chromic 3 kinds of material are given priority to. The hardware of titanium alloy the most delicate be able to bear or endure look, but the price is most high, the price is in hundreds of and even the product of chromium of plating of pure copper of on 1000 yuan of; can prevent combustion effectively, quality has assure, it is current the mainstream of the market, the price controls lowest of chromic price of; stainless steel plating in 100 yuan about, be in more 100 yuan of less than, but service life is the briefest also.

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