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Turkey production gives the world to go up material of the thickest canal
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The FiratPlasticKaucukSanayiveTicaretA.S company that is located in Turkey Istanbul went 4000 meters large requirements to provide material in the production inside a record-breaking time, with be being used at passing through the government of channel is defeated Bosipulusi project of water pipeline laid. 300 thousand drinking water everyday of the Istanbul from the Asia? Merli reservoir carries European city. To bear the high pressure of the running water inside conduit is mixed exterior and hydraulic, this batch of walls that provide material are large achieved 109.1 millimeter, it is the thickest canal material that produces up to now on the world.

To produce this to approve every 13 meters heft 5 tons large requirements to provide material, the business of production tubal material with the biggest Turkey trusts his completely to squeeze an equipment supplier for a long time: The Xinxinnadi that comes from Vienna pushs a technical limited company. Austria squeezes an equipment manufacturer to squeezed a product line to undertake redesigning at the same time to two of the spot. Undertook adjustment to squeezing a mould and downstream assembly, process the tubal material of this one special norms in order to suit. The PHPO100 that configured helix alloter and mould refrigeration unit and PHPO63 run material nose, can make sure body of gentle be in harmony allocates first-rate be in harmony, even if treatment is tall agglutinant PE100 raw material. This one special mould tubal material and core combine profit from marvellously, make production provides way 1200 millimeter wall is large of 109.1 millimeter exceed thick canal material is easy to do.

Crop all amounts to 1000 kilograms / months of two product line of the hour are entire movement, in order to ensure material of canals of 4000 meters of this kind of large requirements can prompt delivery. Of profit from Vienna high-powered jam a product line, project progress is very great. Of a configuration in two lines is extruder of PROTON150-30G odd screw, and another configured extruder of MONOS120-37G high speed, its lengthen the model of 37D to turn unit, make its rose than the akin model crop of foregoing PROTON series 30% . Such lead plane type selecting can be on the base that carries identical yield, with this circumstance, choose low a level. The mural large common difference of minimum tubal material and the technology that accord with a requirement are characteristic, make FIRAT company right the productivity of these two lines and product quality feel special satisfaction.

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