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Is section water clean provided really can section water?
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Full of beautiful things in eyes of building materials product, a few surfaces look seem same product, price wide gap is very big however, still flaunt not less energy-saving, fight bacterium, radiation-proof, because do not have unified, convenient check mark to allow, true and false of consumer difficult differentiate. A lot of products said to use a variety of new technologies, new data on the introduction, can achieve truly energy-saving result, after but consumer is actual,applying, the effect all is not like person meaning. And, although a few products are playing energy-saving banner, but did not use energy-saving technology in fact, just undertake a few pack, and elevation the price, goods is not true valence is disloyal.

Household life leaves not boiled water, so shrewd businessman from proceed with of ” of “ section water, timely roll out the section water clean with various items to provide. The most popular 3/6 in building materials market rises closestool of water of double key section, although compare common closestool expensive, but most consumer still wishs dig down is bought, the ” of “ section water that main reason is businessman conduct propaganda.

Then, on the market all sitting implement, as long as be 3 litres, of 6 litres of Shuang Jian, without giving thought to whether ” of “ section water, but publicize external all “ requirements is consistent ” , uniting is ” of “ section water. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, the product of a few a less known and inferior brand on market, the finished product cistern of 50 % above is loose mail after leaving factory, by installation the worker is assembled and become, not only effect of water of short of section, because emphasize ” of “ section water overly,return, and did not consider to help somebody attain his aim on products plan, modelling, caused water to seal on the low side.

As we have learned, water seals on the low side, scrub retort with challenging questions achieves anticipated result. Occupy those who install Hua Weiyu to guide Xiaoliu of the member that buy introduces, rinse function is unqualified, in use is very good identify, main body sits now implement the sewage trace that remains on washable surface is longer, this kind sits implement cause easily in be used actually sit implement the contamination on washable surface cannot scrub is clean, affect bedroom sanitation.

Can say, a few blame are energy-saving the product is playing energy-saving banner, beguiling consumer, will probable meeting makes energy-saving product credit sweeps the floor, consumer generates suspicion to energy-saving product. Investigation shows, is apparently insufficient, from comply with manufacturer conduct propaganda is checked to ego, the method is differ, distributing extremely random, the customer that has 10 % even is flat think have no way is judged. When the choose and buy, the main psychogenic disorder of half above consumer is to be afraid that manufacturer acclaims a concept, other obstacle is ordinal for: True to commodity energy-saving do not know for certain, the price is higher, do not know or won't calculate can save energy cost.
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