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The China of city of river north water that talks about limited company of steel tube of urban treasure smelt metal to be located at beauty's biggest steel tube supplies base -- talk about a city, my unit all the year round the throughout the country such as hill of steel of distribute Chengdu, Bao Gang, Baotou, Heng Yang, Tianjin, smelt metal, Lu Bao, saddle is big large wall does not have all sorts of norms that steelworks produces seam canal, fluid boiler provides low pressure of canal, high school reach a part to import high-pressured alloy to be in charge of, add original material qualitative book or photocopy. Executive standard is: High-pressured boiler is tubal GB5310-95, medium GB8087-1999 of low-pressure boiler canal, fluid is in charge of GB8163-1999, GB9948-88 of canal of cracking of special canal GB6479-86, oil, structure uses chemical fertilizer tubal GB8162-1999; Material is character: 10# , 20# , 45# , 16Mn, 14MnNb, 20G, 10MoWVNb, ST45.8/III, SAS106B, 12CrMo, 15CrMo, 20CrMo, 42CrMo, 12Cr1Mov, 10CrMo910, A355P22, STFA25. Company stocks is big, breed of merchandise on hand is all ready, hold the post of your choose and buy. The company is acted on all the time " quality is sufficient, sincere letter is road, company should grow " this principle and concept, taking be realistic innovation, contend for achieve top-ranking imposing manner, the development of change quickly is worn. Our company have contemporary administrative concept, build a company a few years to come oneself, "Holding to product quality is company life, management user is company god " for the tenet, the company increases investment further, make serve a level to rise ceaselessly, enhance the competition ability of the market. The price reasonable, credit is consummate, win an user approbate, the product is popular already countrywide each district. Head office of petrifaction of * China water and electricity, China natural gas carries the machine of goods and materials such as head office equipment company purchases Shandong of * of the unit that decide a dot to save * of unit of academician of steel tube operator to save city class to avoid industrial and commercial industry of whole nation of check unit * to recommend centrally " abide by contract, keep good faith " , make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, guidance works, promotional understanding. Our company all the year round storage facility for supply purpose of merchandise on hand collects data, hold the post of you to choose, wrap your satisfaction. Phone; 0635-8880738 8880739 fax; 0635-8880736 mobile phone; Cracking of special canal oil is in charge of chemical fertilizer of canal of boiler of high pressure of 15063531022 13153805777 13181075006 13061081199 material is qualitative: 2Standard of 0G, 16Mn: GB5310-95、GB6179-85 GB9448-88 22*2.5-4 51*3-6 108*4-20 159*5-30 299*10-50 25*2.5-4 57*3-8 114*5-20 168*8-30 325*8-45 28*3-5 60*4-10 121*5-20 180*7-30 351*10-36 32*3-5 63.5*4-12 127*6-20 194*8-30 377*10-38 38*3-6 76*4-16 22*2.5-4 203*10-32 402*10-45 42*3-6 83*5-4 22*2.5-4 219*7-45 426*10-30 45*3 89*4.5-20 22*2.5-4 245*8-45 480*12-30 48*3-6 102*4-20 22*2.5-4 273*8-50 530*12-30 中低压锅炉管流体管地质管材质:2Standard of 0# , DZ40, DZ50: GB3087-1999, GB8163-1999 YB235-70 8*1-2 38*3-7 95*6-20 159*5-40 351*10-50 10*1-2 42*3-8 102*4-20 168*8-40 377*10-50 12*1-2.5 45*3-8 108*4-20 180*7-40 402*10-50 14*1.5-4 51*3-10 114*4-20 194*8-40 426*10-50 16*2-4 57*3-10 121*5-20 203*10-45 480*12-45 17SiMn10#20#35#45##20-40Cr standard: GB8162-87 20/22*2.5-5 48/51*3-10 89/95*4-5 168/180*6-40 402/426*10-50 25/28*2-6 54/67*3-12 102/108*4-30 194/203*8-50 450/480*10-50 30/32*3-6 60/63*4-14 114/121*3-6 219/273*6-50 510/530*10-50 34/36*3-7 68/70*4-20 127/133*5-30 273/299*7-60 560/6
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