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Major offers wooden door window of door of special and epispastic glue, aluminou
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Dragon world building materials welcomes you! Dragon world building materials is a major offers wooden door the company that window of door of special and epispastic glue, aluminous model uses epispastic glue, group character glue, glass glue, fluid sealant and glue gun, clear lotion

A epispastic glue - product brief introduction is stuck wonderfully receive strength, advantageous flexibility, stable one-time epispastic, good bubble stability reachs sex of swimming hole fine divide evenly, cotton of replaceable cement mortar, cliff, wool reach the tradition such as silica gel to fill seam material, realize the stretch link between casing body and wall body, huge raised Mumenan to install the effect, managing manpower cost. OCF is like next characteristics: Use convenient: The ripe drill that need not groom technically makes work, special agree with self-help. Automatic and ejective: Do not need pouring equipment, the pressure in gas mist canister can want stock jet automatically to fill sealed gap to place. Expand automatically: OCF can expand automatically fill arrives to be filled each corners of aperture. Damp solidify: Need not solidify auxiliary, the damp in air of have the aid of can solidify. Automatic felt: Do not need to undertake pretreatment to the surface, to base material (especially wet surface) have very good caking property. Application is wide: In building and industrial domain, have nearly 1000 kinds of use.

B other product introduces: Detailed sees mailbox of company website phone: 0531-86203772 85893584

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