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Limited company of radiator of Zhejiang blessing day
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Limited company of radiator of Zhejiang blessing day is the company of new and high technology of professional production radiator, it is home the development that recommends radiator of Europe type aluminous die-casting the earliest produces manufacturer; Company technology force is abundant, manufacturing facilities is advanced, detect craft is perfect, capability of own research and development is strong. Radiator of aluminous die-casting of the bravery inside the stainless steel that newest and own research and development produces the company, product patent date: ZL98242983.5, this product is high temperature resistant, fight oxidation, apply to the water quality of all sorts of heating, solved aluminium to make the anticorrosion issue of radiator thoroughly, service life specialty; Module type combination was solved not agile to demand of area of unit heat addition, the problem such as line-haul inconvenience; The product is beautiful and easy, environmental protection is energy-saving, it is the optimal choice that lives in the life.

The company passes ISO9001: 2000 international quality manages systematic attestation, hold to " inspect an user to be god, inspect quality to be life " tenet, cordial welcome your presence.

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