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Metal plumbing or sanitary industry diversification usher major reshuffle
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At present, many brands bathroom, bathroom hardware material is diversification, which the mainland has no bathroom market a business account for 10% market share. Effect of the marketing monopoly of the big brands have not yet formed. Many businesses gearing bathroom or sanitary ware market will cause major reshuffle. Bathroom small and medium enterprises now awakening brand awareness, attention to branding. "Brand strength is the sales force" point of view, bathroom companies are slowly accepted. Integration of resources will intensify Insiders said that in today's era of such an integration of resources, in line with sanitary industry development, professional manufacturers of bathroom products complement each other, but also help to promote faster development of the industry. Cross-product integration of resources is increasingly becoming a trend in bathroom industry. Production areas adjacent to the integration of resources in itself can make up for some shortcomings of the enterprise itself, mutually reinforcing, the use of their advantage in the professional field. As to the manner in which integration, how the integration depends on the needs of various enterprises and their cooperation. We are currently opening stores at the time, generally by the manufacturers to come forward, and ceramics, lighting and other related industries and manufacturers of hardware product model on a good price, and then by the agents under the orders directly to the relevant manufacturers. We do not participate in the distribution of profits across industries, but the integration of resources across industries, as the dealer's service support. Cross-sectoral integration of resources, integration of resources within the industry, the trend has accelerated in recent years. Products will be more professional Growing homogeneity in the product of the moment, many industry professionals recognize the importance of specialization. "Concentrate, focus, professionalism, in order to better sanitary products. Professional orientation, help us from the raw materials, product design and other aspects, to ensure high product quality and high price. Professional, is our success. "Wu Shaoxia example, such as product appearance, some human, people feel more comfortable design, only the professional, dedicated to this channel of the manufacturers, to the product better and better. Currently in Foshan, Chaozhou and other areas, many companies are specialized on the road ahead. Domestic consumer demand for plumbing products, has been used not only to meet its function, more attention to product features to meet the psychological needs. "Some foreign sanitary product design, very comfortable, very touching. In the design, they have to do a professional. Some very small details, such as drawer slides off special design, so that the drawer is closed the moment the speed slows slowly off, do not issue any noise, this design is entirely conducted from the perspective of the user. This kind of professional way, we still have much to learn things, especially the design of the soul. young fashion, vitality, health of our pursuit of European bathroom. "specialization, is one of the bathroom industry trend of the future. Store sales resources to accelerate integration of the terminal Terminal Marketing sanitary industry, the store is still taking the road into relatively large, every business, business will face. "Every business is a headache, but it is also no way to do. Manufacturers generally choose to focus on the market, key customers, in support of policies to a certain degree of tilt." Sanitary industry, manufacturers can not do without the sale of stores, specialized stores to promote large-scale rapid rise in the terminal.
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