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International Hardware & Electrical Industry frequent trade friction to be int
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China's rapid economic development, has become the world's second largest economy, including mechanical and electrical industry to make outstanding contributions. Electromechanical industry's position in our national economy has become increasingly prominent. China has had more than mechanical and electrical industry Good material and technical basis, has now built a relatively complete, with a large-scale manufacturing system, the output value, profits, number of enterprises, the number of workers and so possession of a significant proportion of industry in China. Also at the total economy In the world. Above domestic demand, China's industrial sector more than 80% based on the production capacity is provided by domestic equipment, agricultural equipment, provided almost entirely by domestic, many important products, production has leapt to the world. Exports, With exports of mechanical and electrical industry in recent years nearly 40% of the annual increment, with the export, according to 2009 data, China has surpassed Germany to become the world's largest country exports of machinery and electronic goods. Recently, according to customs statistics, in 2010 7 months ago, the domestic exports of electromechanical products increased 28.6% over last year, maintaining the first exporter of machinery and electronic goods status. Electromechanical industry exports have accounted for more than 50% of China's total export share. Transcripts in the electromechanical exports behind the beautiful, we also faced a variety of difficulties and obstacles. More and more, such as anti-dumping, safeguard investigations and other cases of trade friction, as indelible shadow of obstacles By China's mechanical and electrical industry. Although the "shock hydroplaning Stone", China mechanical and electrical industries these trade frictions will not be a major change, but if we can properly handle these problems, make our electrical and mechanical trades Development of faster and better way to go. This year, a sharp rise in cases of trade friction, increasing number of major cases. The so-called good deed goes unpunished, as the share of electromechanical products in the international market continues to expand, foreign machinery and electronic products to China to take anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures, special safeguard measures, trade remedies significantly Rise. China's major export target, the United States, European Union, Latin America and other regions, the proliferation of anti-dumping against China and trade protection cases. And began a wide range of technical performance standards established strict quality standards and industry, Much too high threshold of China's export of electromechanical products. This year in July, the European Commission of non-food warning system (RAPEX) released a total of 174 recall information, including the recall of Chinese-sponsored a total of 99, accounting for 56.9% of the total communication, in the first place, including the electrical Class and lighting products. July 22 this year, the Argentine Ministry of Industry announced on the origin of China's multi-functional food processor to implement anti-dumping measures, collected 202.79 for the product concerned anti-dumping duty for a period of 5 years. Today, July 1, the EU modem for wireless wide area network (referred to as "WWAN") released an announcement of China's anti-dumping investigations and safeguard measures for a number of countries investigating notice. Meanwhile, China launched safeguards Facilities, making China the only country subjected to two-case investigation. The case involved a total of more than 1000 my business, involving about 41 billion U.S. dollars. Means "a harm, two compensation" will result in double counting of losses To achieve the effect of double punishment. The first case of China trade friction. This situation has caused the present environment factors. After the financial crisis hit the world economy, the recovery was slow, countries without any intent to use way to build high barriers to protect their economies. More and more of the spear The first point to China's rapid economic development. Contact early 2010 introduction of the "U.S. Export revitalization plan", the relevant enterprises and experts believe that the future of trade protection measures by the United States trying to achieve the intent of restructuring the domestic economy will be at Increasingly clear that the form of China's foreign trade worsening. In this form, we can not blindly belly black foreigners did not morality, injustice, and to carefully adjust its structure on the one hand, extended channels and scope of mechanical and electrical exports, one Surface unity of the forces, pick up our weapons, to protect their legitimate rights and interests, is the real way out. The face of mechanical and electrical industry, trade friction, the government, chambers of commerce, businesses need to play their respective roles, a positive response. First of all, the national government to play the role of guidance and clear. While the Government needs to encourage independent innovation, and increase technological innovation and product development, adjust the industrial structure, increase the technological content and added value products. One hand. Export of electromechanical products to establish early warning mechanisms, trade Friction and rapid response mechanism and easy to industries and enterprises as the main mechanism for responding, in-depth study foreign technical barriers and rules to guide the understanding of international trade rules to enable enterprises to take the initiative to prevent trade friction. Also guide the enterprises expand Range of types of export and export development, to avoid excessive concentration of export products, export of the region are too concentrated, and a trade frictions and trade investigations. Secondly, organizations and industry associations should play a coordinating role. Since anti-dumping investigations against exports of a certain country is the product of a particular business, is an industry related to the collective interest. So good business trade associations need to organize a common response. China Mechanical and electrical industry is still relatively scattered, mostly small and medium enterprises, individual enterprises can not afford to be responding to, and that costs are too high. Therefore, only mechanical and electrical industry associations to play a role of the Organization, the United every business should be shared Complaints, in order to have good results, but also reduce the cost of responding to each enterprise. On the other hand, in the electromechanical industry associations should play the coordinating role of industry, foreign trade, to avoid the race to keep the prices down within the enterprises, vicious competition, sparse Lead exports, to avoid excessive concentration of export, thus radically reducing the mechanical and electrical industry trade survey in China. Third, enterprises should strengthen their own management, to increase the experience of dealing with trade frictions. Enterprises in the development, production, marketing, finance and other aspects of management to standardize and improve the financial accounting system and intellectual property protection system. Strengthen self-discipline, maintain a good trade order, to comply with business ethics and the city Market rules, take the initiative to resist the low prices and other disturbing behavior of the export order. In the face of trade friction, to do not panic, do not escape, a positive response, so as to safeguard their rights and safeguard the industry's long hair Development. Finally, the mechanical and electrical industry practitioners, to pay attention to industry trends, learn relevant knowledge and enhance awareness of their own trade. More contact with each other, communicate, from product development, manufacturing and sales trade links, consider the How to deal with and avoid trade frictions, in order to make electrical and mechanical industries with reasonable, with smooth, reefs and reduce the barriers to long-term development. The face of trade friction, mechanical and electrical industry to skills, to adjust their industrial structure, technological innovation, strengthening the internal unity, balance export products and export areas, learning trading knowledge, you can minimize the trade investigations and trade Easy friction. Enhancing external work at the same time, the face of trade friction positive response, and rapid response, joint sector power in the government's help to protect the interests of good industry and its own interests. Only internally and externally, can break more An increasing number of trade barriers, for mechanical and electrical industry out of the stay.
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