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China sanitary ware plumbing hardware products popular in the Middle East marke
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1, to avoid price dumping, to ensure product quality, and strive to build their own brand China sanitary ware and plumbing hardware products are very popular in the Middle East market, a degree of influence. Therefore, the basis of domestic enterprises are fully choose their own brand directly into the Middle East. Their products through the establishment of the initial image of the window, such as the flagship store or exhibition hall to promote the brand. General quality and cheap Chinese products, products in the Middle East more competitive than the European, Chinese enterprises should focus on the Middle East and sanitary characteristics of the actual market demand, export for the local Islamic culture and customs of the product. Some products face competition in the UAE market, the phenomenon of low-cost, sanitary ware companies in China should be strictly in accordance with the ISO9000 series standards, strict quality control and good after-sales service in accordance with local regulations, to require the quality assurance period, strictly perform the contract, to ensure quality and delivery, increase product credibility and avoid dumping. 2, through the UAE, a large local sales center in China to open up markets bathroom products China-related current competitive market, time "going out" on the rich supply of sanitary ware in China supply or vendor, it is a good choice. So far, the formation of the UAE are not a bathroom scale and standardized market, large and small shops to the way business facade shops scattered distribution, and the surrounding area has been occupied in other industries, with no more room for development, At the same time a single product category. Therefore, as soon as possible by taking an urgent need for the government improve the overall market is more confusion and lack of unified management of the situation, Chinese enterprises can make use of the UAE government's support, in the Gulf region to build a large professional sanitary ware market and to meet local consumption needs, but also have help to increase exports of domestic products and open up vast offshore, its meaning is very profound. 3, by way of local professional trade show to open up markets UAE exhibition of local well-known five main Middle East construction industry expo (BIG5), Middle East International Sanitary Ware Fair (ISHKitchen & BathroomGulf), Middle East International Hardware Fair (TheMiddleEast'sLeadingTreadShowforHardware & Tools) and so on. These professional trade show on large buyer database resources to help exhibitors to implement "business matching (BizMatching)" activities to the needs of buyers and sellers through the screening combination, to promote the signing rate between buyers and sellers. In particular, can provide a marketing presence in Dubai's domestic bathroom for long-term stable business partners and access to large quantities given the opportunity. 4, through sales agents or directly around the design offices in the local market development Chinese enterprises to enter the UAE market after the bathroom, in the success of a solid local platform, based on the surrounding areas of sales agents may choose to further expand market share. Select agents should be selected from those that a sound marketing network, the ability of local companies to bid. These agents or sell the product directly, or wholesale to small retailers. Most Asian countries to implement the Gulf is the exclusive agent system, so agents must be carefully selected, once the wrong choice could lead to products sold in this market failure. Strong Chinese enterprises the best bathroom design offices in the Gulf countries, kept informed of relevant information on the development and construction projects, and actively participate in project bidding, the domestic production of the product directly applied to future projects to go.
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