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Ceramic tile and clean have the agile and tie-in having a unique style that defe

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Type 1: Large area toilet avoids design of heavy and complicated and costly adornment
House-owner plum lady is an art editor, the toilet area of her home amounts to 15 square metre. Hui Jia believed illuminative stylist to choose contracted and contemporary style, colour with light color super- in reaching brunet department in vain Brown give priority to, simple and inside collect. Toilet breaks advocate the depressing design of the lamp, and used dispersive, downy lamplight to avoid exorbitant drab. The clean with cream-colored face brick and white porcelain provides collocation, was full of exuberant opportunity of survival, there is no lack of in reservation straight white.
Bedroom of a complete set of is between Wei Yu in " the secrettest space " , in this pattern time, people is higher and higher also to the demand between Wei Yu, a lot of people want Wei Yu already practical, comfortable, want modern, beauty again. To satisfy the requirement of modern, on the design style between Wei Yu also pattern of do one's best 100, not only the functional sex that emphasizes a bathroom.

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