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Compound floor cleanness is done easily calm
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Maintain the method of compound wood floor is very simple. Can sweep exterior dirt with cleaner or broom at ordinary times, after reoccupy is soaked, twist dry come not to drip the dishcloth of water or mop wipe floor surface.
Door window had better be opened after pulling the land, let airiness, blow the floor as soon as possible dry.
Layer of wear-resisting of compound wood floor is like damage to will make the moistureproof function of the floor and brightness suffer an effect, accordingly, when walking on the floor, answer to wear cloth loafer as far as possible, best and barefoot. The base that gives furniture affixes soft bottom to defend mat, the foot that avoids furniture blows layer of beautiful floor wear-resisting, do not let very serious article break bad wear-resisting layer. Cannot use sand paper, burnish implement, steel is brushed, puissant household cleanser or metallic tool clear compound wood floor. If the cat is raised in the home, want the destruction that method solves feline claw.
Clean light color is compound the small doohickey of wooden floor: Dip in with dishcloth take the water that clean out rice to be wiped on the floor directly, or spray the water that clean out rice equably go up in wooden floor (unfavorable and too much) , 5 minutes are wiped with dry dishcloth, the floor will be clean a lot of.
Of special besmirch clear: Oily be soiled, paint, printing ink can be used special go be soiled oil is wiped; The incomplete be soiled such as bloodstain, fruit juice, red wine, beer uses wet rag or dip in with dishcloth on right amount floor cleaner is wiped; Candle and chewing gum, with ice cube superpose a little while, those who make is refrigerant and contractive, next gently sweep, reoccupy wet dishcloth or dip in with dishcloth on right amount floor cleaner is wiped.
Liquid of not usable and puissant soda acid clears compound wood floor.

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