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When decorating new home, need the 3 big errors that walk out of
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When decorating new home, a lot of owner are guided blindly easily by the popularity of instantly, do the business of some of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, the consequence that brings from this is, cause not only decorate a style machine-made, what affected a bedroom at the same time is comfortable practical. Want to cast off this kind of predicament, need walks out of decorate below " error " :

Error one: Condole ark, clothes tree climbs full wall

A lot of people like to install clothes hood, clothes tree in backside of vestibular, door or closet, fall in horny corner install hang oneself ark, think will sundry hang, trice will not to occupy a space. Actually, the great embezzlement that such doing is pair of vision spaces instead and destroy. More important is, a string of 1 the cabinet that rise can let fetch process become no-go, time grew, such cabinet became the blind angle that shelter evil people and practices.

Clew: Below the premise that does not affect visual space, in monarch of the corner inside house one place becomes cloakroom, store technically or store up ark.

Error 2: Curtain too massiness

A lot of people design the curtain too massiness, luxurious, complex, and did not say to raise cost, also be a kind of embezzlement of pair of vision spaces likewise. For the angle from health, the curtain of massiness is cleaned not only rise no-go, in making the home easily also at the same time " pollute a source " .

Clew: The proposal uses shutter, its volume is minor, clear easily again, and the depressive feeling that wears without curtain box of window, curtain.

Error 3: Furniture takes full whole home

Some people like to put furniture in every corner in the home, come so, original area does not calculate small home, give a person depression and constraint sense instead. Additional, a lot of people can install an area to come hugely, high in the bedroom the big chest of the ceiling, make visual space aesthetic feeling sells at a discount greatly not only so, more important is the psychology that cramped space can give a person creates oppressive sense.

Clew: Every room should give a horn to come for nothing at least, let wall breathe freely well look good as result of recieving praise. All clothes closet all should not reach the summit, at least put apart 10 ~ 20 centimeters, especially the furniture of the bedroom wants as far as possible low.

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