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Wooden furniture is not equal to choose and buy of furniture of wood of green fu
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This period, we interviewed relevant expert designedly, tell consumer how to choose a gratified woodiness furniture.
Choose and buy of copy wood furniture 4 great attentions
As we have learned, in current furniture market, wooden furniture because the advantage such as clarity of grain of novel, colourful, wood has become pattern kinds of big product in furniture category. Compare moderate plus product value, more and more get the favour of consumer. Expert proposal, when consumer is buying woodiness furniture, understanding and the skill that master wooden furniture ask and distinguish its actor bad, it is the effective method of furniture of wood of correct choose and buy.

Pay attention to exterior quality
The man-made in wooden furniture board furniture with particieboard, medium density beaverboard wait for man-made board to be base material, the surface is acted the role of with 3 get together the Fu such as Bao Mu of cyanogen amine, PVC, woodiness and paper wood grain sticks a face, the decorative pattern clarity of form of copy wood grain is natural, smooth level off, having favorable visual result and feel.
Whether does the board that furniture basically watchs to use makings face when furniture of choose and buy have nick, bubble of impress, beat, come unglued has the drawback such as skin and glue trace.
Pay attention to the quality that make
In making, wooden furniture is the plank that will shape curiums through cutting into parts, adornment sealing side, component spells outfit combination and become. The making quality that sees man-made board furniture basically sees his cut into parts curium quality, edge, face decorates quality and panel port quality. Plank is in cut into parts in curiuming, be opposite board piece the flatness of the component, verticality, diagonal is spent quality asks, generally speaking of plank cut the plank that curiums the technology achieves precision to ask in less than of every meters of 0.01 millimeter into parts curium behind outline level off, diagonal has been spent, after making furniture, won't appear board piece occurrence phenomenon. Adornment of edge, face basically sees his decorate the gelatinize on the component even, felt whether firm, long edge whether level off is smooth, by component board, the place leaving an opening such as face plate of door plank, drawer can inspect place end panel whether sealing side processing, adornment does not touch the mark that gives felt on the outline side excellent plank. Spell outfit combination to basically see bore be in tongue-and-groove orderly, join an installation hind is firm, plane and form of the T after end panel joins are seamed have space, drive with the hand shake a phenomenon. The cent of the door, drawer is seamed whether gap is too big, general requirement regulation comes for 1.5mm between 2.0mm, whether does the open push-pull of the door and drawer freely neatly etc.
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