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Building materials common sense: Cork floor
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Cork floor is so called soft, it is to show its flexibility is first-rate actually. Below microscope we can see cork is by by tens of thousands be just as composition of alveolate dead cell, air was filled inside the cell, formed many a airtight gasbag. In get when outside pressure, the cell will be contractive decrescent, the pressure inside the cell is elevatory; When pressure is lost, the air pressure inside the cell meeting general cell is restorable. Be the internal composition of this kind of characteristic, make cork product is having extremely strong tenacity.
When cork raw material is making a floor board, through pressurization processing, specific gravity from 70 kilograms / stere increases 550 kilograms / stere, its stabilize function to be able to achieve the requirement of the floor completely. Although particularly heavy furniture is pressed above form tiny impress, OK also restorable after the clog is removed.

Because cork is,comprise by countless gasbag just about, the surface formed countless small sucking disk, go when the person above when, when footstep and ground surface contact, cork floor the footstep slight adsorption is on the ground, reduced the opposite displacement between footstep and floor, reduced attrition, the wear-resisting that lengthened a floor thereby is spent and service life, more rose to reduce a confusion of voices, sound-absorbing effect.

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