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Do not fry the floor into " high-tech "
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This year, a when heart of Yuan Yi of fine floor general manager publishs luck in rich guest " do not take floor ply to say a thing please " not small dimple was aroused inside the industry. Come nearly two years, floor industry all the time not quite smooth, from E0 brand contend for, base material rises in price this year floor 8 millimeter and of 12 millimeter contend for, actually these are real commercial action. Yuan Yi heart emphasizes, the floor is not high-tech product, do not do the thing of sex of a few concepts so blackly, final misdirect consumer.
  setting: The industry manages depression
  is opposite a year special key is for floor industry this year. Yuan Yi heart says, I follow the friend inside a few rounds, the leader that includes supplier of a few raw material and our association chats, everybody feels the market is very weak first half of the year generally. Also say sale of a lot of brands is not ideal. A few brands basically cannot find way.
  I feel they say the market weak, cannot find way, should be a kind of signal. It is business worse and worse, the business was differred, the enterprise faces two choices for certain. A choice should consider to exit namely, still make over simply; The 2nd chooses even if should ponder over its development strategy afresh. For certain a lot of brands do not hold to, want to be washed out. There are a lot of signs this year, include a few old brands, outstanding achievement of the end of the year of respecting of OK and affirmative ground is bad. Because the market is bad, the sale is bad, the outstanding achievement of the enterprise is bad, may have a result so, as a result I also worry this very much, second half of the year still meets the likelihood the circumstance with occurrence not rational competition.
  current situation: Brand competition is not rational
He says   , I often run in the market, also can see a few symptom of a trend. From last year second half of the year begins, mutual attack is fiercer and fiercer between the brand. Do not support each other, carry the defect of the other side each other, and some defect are to be worth to be carried far from. They use microscope to carry it, next reoccupy magnifier goes frying. It is essay card is done so not only, a few very famous old brands also are doing this kind of business. Can show an issue only: Sell phasic place press. So conclusion is, the first, industry foreground nots allow hopeful; The 2nd, everybody is put to seek to live on and develop, may by hook and crook.
  is by hook and crook very dread affection, final meeting makes this trade very bad. Let consumer do not know how to believe your product, believe this industry, believe this brand. The likelihood is a lot of righter in the future the brand is very adverse, so need reminds a person of the same trade in time, want to take this problem seriously. Especially a few old brands, a few strong brands, responsible, accountability station comes out. Ground of sex of the look up before having will conduct industry development, carry good head. I feel this had become urgent matter.
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