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Daily cleanness reachs real wood floor maintain common sense
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After laid of real wood floor, want preserve one's health 24 hours at least rear can use, use floor board of influence real wood the effect otherwise. Floor of general fact wood is able to bear or endure ability in swimming is poor, unfavorable brush with wet cloth or water arrange, lest lose luster. In the following daily life, must floor of wood of conserve good fact, concrete step is as follows:
The humidity inside the room shoulds not be too big, retain a floor board dry, bright and clean, daily cleanness uses twist dry cotton mop to wipe can: If encounter stubborn besmirch. Should use the reoccupy after neuter and clean dissolvent is wiped to twist dry cotton mop to wipe, do not use the organic dissolvent such as acerbity, alkalescent dissolvent or benzine to swab.
When be being used daily, should notice to avoid heavy metal acute implement, the hard thing such as vitreous ceramics, hobnail implement cut floor; Move also does not delay in floor surface when moving furniture; Do not make the floor is contacted bright fire or place high-power electric heat on the floor directly implement; Prohibit laying strong acid sex and alkali sex material on the floor; Prohibit absolutely long leach.
To keep solid of this floor beautiful extend lacquer range service life. The proposal is annual and cerated maintain twice. Wipe the floor clean first before waxing, be in next the surface is even ground daub a floor wax, after working a bit, wipe with soft cloth. Till flowing brightness.
If produce dip of bedding face seeper or bureau minister time to be immersed by water carelessly, if bright water stops,should use dry cloth blot in time, make its natural and dry, forbidden use electric heat implement stoving or insolate below sunshine.
Expose for long fall in intense sunlight, or of the temperature inside the room rise what demote causes cover of lacquer of real wood floor possibly quickly to shift to an earlier date ageing, answer to avoid as far as possible.
If for the moment does not live,install ending place. Should maintain indoor airy current, cannot go up with plastic paper or newspaper lid, lest time is long exterior paint film is tacky, lose luster.
Sweep floor, aspiration regularly, prevent sand or attrition sex dirt piles up and scratch floor surface. Doormat can be placed outside the door, lest take sand or attrition sex dirt,enter indoor. Can use when clean at ordinary times floor hold dry cotton mop to wipe. Cannot use wet mop or mordant liquid (like suds, benzine) wipe a floor.
If the humidity outdoor is more than indoor humidity, can lock door window, maintain indoor and inferior humidity, if the humidity outdoor is less than indoor humidity, can open door window in order to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter damp and sultry weather, can open air conditioning or fanner.
Autumn, winter festival is increase indoor air humidity, can use add wet machine to make indoor air humidity maintains in 50% one 70% . Push-pull should not go up in the floor directly when mobile furniture, should raise move and put down gently. The furniture that often moves can stick a rubber in its bottom.
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