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The summer decorates safety beforehand case (the expert reminds)
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Interior decoration is decorated use combustible material concentration, construction site is dispersive and safety of shortage of partial construction personnel is on guard consciousness, cause fire, explosion, toxic the hidden trouble that harms with personnel nots allow to ignore. Condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration monitors central expert to remind everybody, the family is decorated should build urgent safety beforehand case, should notice to had done 6 prevent: Fire prevention, explosion proof, gas defence, prevent ill, waterproof, prevent hidden trouble.
Fire prevention
Notice the fire prevention that applies man-hour indoors is safe above all. The spot prohibits smoking, cannot employ bright internal heat; Paint, rare makings combustible article should deposit the place in far from igneous cause, shady and cool, ventilated, safety; Construction site should be cleaned every day, dirty of cleared wood chip, lacquer, residual wait for combustible to taste; Make sure indoor exit is safe and expedite; Must provide fire control material; Construction personnel must master fire control common sense.
Want to notice to use fire prevention data in decorate next. The adornment material such as lumber, carpet, cloth art, paint, belong to combustible material, for this, the country once established rigid standard, must ask to choose according to standard grade deserve to decorate material.
Indoor condole should be used very blame can burn material, metope, ground and basic level should be used blame can be lighted or flame retardant material, with reducing fire hazard sex as far as possible. The lumber of made kitchen utensils and appliances must pass fire prevention processing.
The 3rd circuit construction in wanting to notice the family is decorated and electric equipment are installed. Carry out electric installation regulations strictly. All and electric circuit all should wear bushing, lamp of wiring box, switch, chamfer, suck applied blame lights material to do fire prevention heat insolation to handle all round dome light and calorific parts of an apparatus.
Explosion proof
The paint that in decorating, uses in great quantities, banana oil, coating and thinner, volatilize easily. Indoor and ventilated undesirable, the gas that paint brandish gives out is not easy eduction, assemble at indoor. Inside this limits, encounter bright fire to be able to explode. When reaching its explosion limit, a bit carelessly, help electric lamp start, or open is dynamoelectric tool, the electric spark of generation can bring serious consequence. When undertaking construction so indoor should have good ventilated, make combustible gas easily to room external diffusion.
Additional, the privately of gas conduit alters and seal a bag, cause gas leak extremely easily also to produce explosion. Leave safe snake in the grass to him user from this.
Gas defence
The bases of paint, waterproof is colophony more kind compound of organic high polymer, this kind of material is embedded and much volatile dissolvent.
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