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Knowledge of floor choose and buy
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At present the grade of real wood floor on the market has two kinds commonly, one kind is qualification is tasted, another kind is first-rate product. The technical requirement that qualification tastes is inferior, and the technical demand of first-rate product is higher. What the brand of the more than 90 % on the market achieves is qualification tastes a standard, and the standard trademark that obtains first-rate product is not worth 10 % .
Qualification tastes the as mainest as first-rate product difference to have at 3 o'clock:
The first, material is qualitative. The material with wooden the basiccest floor is lumber character, and the branch that lumber has of low quality of actor of stand or fall necessarily. The wood that is used at making a floor board basically has A material, B material and C capable person. The technology that should obtain qualification to taste asks to be able to use a variety of material to pledge commonly, and the technical requirement that should obtain first-rate product, must use A material. A material is in arboreous trunk part more, wooden grain is clearer, its physics character is better also, and B material, C material is in arboreous extreme more or ramose, or the trunk share that has a few drawback. Accordingly, the service life outclass of A material B material and C material. With quality is superior and celebrated big floor board, products of all 6 old series all reach first-rate product level. This is be expert at inside also be very infrequent.
The 2nd, machine craft. Had good stuff to have masterly treatment technology even, ability gives high-quality goods.
The 3rd, the price. What pledge as a result of material and machine craft is different, the price of wooden floor also goes very far. In the cost of wooden floor, cost of material occupies the 70 % of totle drilling cost about. Because lumber grade is different price difference is bigger, so, want to have larger price dominant position general manufacturer is to be on lumber grade make an issue of. So, the discovery when consumer is buying wooden floor is planted with wood, when the product value difference that is the same as norms is bigger, should check its above all commodity order and degree is same, the commodity that should not take different order and degree compares the price.

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