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Wash defend appliance to carry bath crock lavatory to choose a method seriously
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One, how to pick bath jar?
Earnest reader Wu Yuanjiang asks: The bath crock on market is quite much, cross-stitch work having a place eye, what kind of bath crock is ability practical?
Zhengzhou star decorates stylist Guo to make solve:
When picking bath jar, what want a consideration above all is dimension, appearance and design, material.
The bulk of bath crock should decide according to the dimension of the bathroom. If you like to install the bath crock in the corner, its bath crock than general rectangle takes up more space, see first shower room whether the look must fall. Additional, the bath crock with same size, its deepness, width, length and outline are different also. If you like dot of depth of water, so the position that trash exports wants a few taller, if pass low, once water level exceeded this height, water can flow outwards from sewage draining exit, the depth of water of bath crock is very inaccessible the deepness of the requirement; There is an old person in the home or disable person, had better choose a side inferior, how can still go up in proper place armrest.
Bath crock some has skirt side, some does not have skirt edge. If want to buy those who have skirt side, it is bosseyed skirt edge commonly, want to notice the way of skirt edge. Want a basis to enter the water the position of mouth and wall, choose left skirt or right skirt certainly. If buy a fault, cannot install.
If shower shower nozzle is added even over bath crock, so picks bath jar wants a bit wide place, lest splashing arrives outside; The bath crock part below shower position wants level, and should choose to slip via preventing the design of processing, such ability assure safety. Shower shower nozzle has the type that hang a wall and the type that enter a wall two kinds of design, the type that hang a wall suits a family to use quite.
If choose to massage bath crock, because the pump that use phone will pour water pour it, must look to whether accord with safe level, ask professional personage to be installed for you even.
The actor bad with bath crock qualitative material basically looks whether bright and clean, hand feels the surface to whether decide glossily. Armor plate and cast-iron bath crock, if enamel plating is gotten bad, can appear subtle ripple.
Of bath crock spend need to be pressed with the hand stably, walk with the foot try. The quality of material is spent stably with what ply matters to bath crock, light relies on range estimation look not to come out, need is pressed personally, walk, if have the feeling of cave in, explain hardness is insufficient.
2, how to choose lavatory?
Red luck of earnest reader summer asks: Small lavatory has a lot of kinds of designs on market now, want to know all sorts of actor defect?
Beijing dragon sends stylist Dong Liang to solve: Owner can be mixed according to the actual condition of toilet basin of face of choice of individual be fond of.
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