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Build sweet intimacy to become aware whole of beautiful Huan of United States an
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Why is beautiful Huan of United States annulus always between the example defending bath that we see in city of large building materials, but remove similar product,always feel to there are a few wrong places? The reason depends on the area Founder compasses between example rectifying, and the trouble that the toilet in the home has a lot of such as conduit to wait for pattern to go up more however; Another it is the medium Wei Yu product between example not only whole set is, and still matched the ceramic tile of bring out the best in each other and lamplight, the articles for use washing gargle that still has special harmony even and crural mat cooperate to put, and we are redemptive of the home it is 3 big only however, the others feels tie-in by the individual. Nowadays, we value those who defend bath to decorate more and more, wei Yu also enters the new level that whole designs by rambling buy, many big signs begin to build ceramic tile and interblend of the product that defend bath, strive builds a kind of whole to defend the sense of bath, it is not difficult to want to enjoy so harmonious and beautiful bathroom space in the home, that is copied! Whole defends bath to emphasize consolidating harmony
To the most recreational illicit is close space defending bath in the home, most abstain from the individual product that defend bath is mutual and medley, bring about the conflict with integral environment and antipathetic. Italian famous stylist says, the space of individuation that defend bath should be come out by the design, small asperse to dragon headdress flower, face tub crock, the metope that arrives to be comprised by ceramic tile greatly and ground, it is the individual symbol in integral design concept only.
Ceramic tile becomes whole to defend bath advocate card games
Be afraid can reject mosaic without the person, but face this Boluoni to design when you with " Qiu Ribao cloth " this whole program that is a concept, can can't help be convinced. Very simple, without redundant lumbar line and complex collocation, all line are last reduce " level " and " upend " two kinds of forms; Colour harmony, the collocation of a few kinds of color, gifted the complex appearance between Wei Yu. If not be integral design and construction,should say, so complete the effect with beauty is impossible at all. Of course cost also does not poor, light is mosaic it is square metre of 2600 yuan of / , and those 3 big instead the price " civilian " a few, 89 just.

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