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Precious is rare gold-rimmed nanmu
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Basis " rich is ancient should see " nanmu has 3 kinds: It is sweet Nan, mu Wei is violet and carry faint scent, grain is very beautiful also; 2 it is gold-rimmed Nan, have in Mu Wen gold-rimmed, it is nanmu in a best kind, more god-given is, some nanmu material form figure of natural landscape figure; 3 it is Shui Nan, woodiness is softer, multi-purpose its make furniture. The inner and outer coffins of feudal monarch for use of an emperor and dragon chair throne should choose ancient time high grade nanmu is made, still be the special type material that ancient time builds royal palace, mausolem, gardens to wait at the same time, this tree is planted rise from clear generation rare.

Of all ages, no matter be emperor, chancellery, still be relative of emperor close country; No matter be the masses, manufacturer that make, still be scholar, classic expert; All without exception praises nanmu is homebred and rare wood. Freely world, when the building of Chinese type gardens of aid foreign is built, flower, beautiful, law, heart, appoint with the country such as Switzerland should use nanmu, the likelihood thinks nanmu is truncal thick long straight, the needle is sold degree small, suit to use very much. Be like character of place of Home Yang foal, gold-rimmed nanmu is compatriots is brought with proud gem, this also is gust of court architectural China thicker.

Gold-rimmed Nan, it is very precious high grade able person, and its grow the rule makes again great minds mature slowly (grow exuberant gold phase needs) 60 years. Because the burnish of lumber is very strong (there is apparent window in dig a short while especially, somebody is gold-rimmed Nan accordingly) , although do not go up lacquer, also use Yue Liang more. Bark is thin, have opening of skin of brunet drop record; Connecting place of endodermis and woodiness has black cricoid layer. As a result of in the past nanmu is aniseed more, and tree straight part is little, be out of shape grain is suitable and not easily, chiliad not corrupt not eat by moth, rank first of the Bai Mu besides hardwood so, its woodiness value also is over a few hardwood.

Clear palace is so medium not only the Liang Zhu that is important palace uses nanmu, and often make furniture suitably with red sandalwood or chrysanthemum pear wood and nanmu, the core that is like a desktop normally board with nanmu, wipe the frame such as the edge to have hardwood. Now, precious is rare endangered gold-rimmed nanmu, already belonged to in total national capital infrequent. Nowadays Beijing the Imperial Palace puts promising to count the nanmu furniture of not much clear generation only, the Imperial Palace is our country existent the biggest the wholest ancient structure, among them 60 inside the hall of arris favour hall gigantic column, make with whole gold-rimmed nanmu, the diameter is very thick, must want two people so big that one can just get one's arms around. Folk also collects the arhat bed that has nanmu, unplug pace bed and carven fly cover, board, couplet hung on the columns of a hall, wait with couplet.
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