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Do not belong to annatto GB category inferior Hua Li
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A lot of consumer had heard of " inferior Hua Li " this name, but do not understand it very again. Actually inferior what Hua Li points to is not a kind of onefold lumber, however a general designation of a kind of lumber. The lumber that red sandalwood belongs to divides kinds big in all: Red sandalwood wood kind, Hua Limu kind, still have even if inferior Hua Limu kind. Red sandalwood wood kind with Hua Limu kind the category that belongs to annatto GB, and inferior Hua Li is not.

Red sandalwood is belonged to inside share 30 kinds of lumber, among them red sandalwood wood kind lumber has a kind only, namely white sandalwood rosewood. Hua Limu kind share 7 kinds of lumber. These 7 kinds of lumber have: The An Daman rosewood, hedgehog rosewood, rosewood that jump over card, India rosewood, bird sufficient rosewood, bursa shape rosewood, big fruit rosewood. Inferior Hua Limu kind have more than 20 kinds. The property of these more than 20 kinds of lumber and beautiful pear wood are adjacent, but cannot reach the level that asks about Hua Limu in GB completely again in the respect such as density, be weighed consequently for " inferior Hua Li " .

Appear on Chinese market now inferior Hua Limu basically has African rosewood, Angola violet do sthon one's own authority two kinds. Because these two kinds of lumber are in charge of aperture diameter bigger, density is relatively lesser and by classify inferior in Hua Limu, on the market, also have person it is " careless Hua Li " .

It is this below two kinds " inferior Hua Li " identify a feature basically, now brief make one introduction, offer the reference when furniture of consumer choose and buy.

1. Africa rosewood: Cultivate tall 15-30m, diametical 60-100cm, originate in Nigeria, Congo (cloth) , Congo (gold) , and other places of Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Cameroon. This lumber duramen shows orange the brick is red, red or amaranth, often take brunet streak, nick is visible; The water soak fluid of wooden wood shavings or wood chip is fluorescent, aroma is full-bodied. African rosewood structure is exquisite, grain crisscross, sex of lumber drying shrinkage is small, weight is medium, basic density 0.55-0.67g/cm3.

2. Angola rosewood: Lumber alburnum is shallow ash or yellow, width 3-5cm, duramen material color from Brown arrive violet Brown, have brunet streak sometimes, as apparent as alburnum distinction. Angola rosewood grows annulus clearer, lumber luster, have faint sweet smell. Sex of drying shrinkage of this kind of lumber is small, weight is medium, gas does density to make an appointment with 0.64g/cm3.

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