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The choose and buy of bibcock and maintain
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Book of secret of choose and buy

Visit appearance: The exterior plating chromic craft of good bibcock is very cultured, it is to pass ability of a few working procedure to finish commonly. Resolution faucet stand or fall should see its brightness rate, the surface jumps over smooth Yue Liang to had been jumped over on behalf of quality.

Turn handle: Good bibcock is when rotational handle, there is exceeding clearance between bibcock and switch, and close not to have block easily, do not skid. But inferior faucet not only gap is big, suffocate suffocate feels big also.

Hear voice: The material of bibcock is the worst to differentiate character. Good bibcock is integral mould copper, beat rise sound is depressing. If sound is very clear, that is stainless steel certainly, quality is about to differ a class.

Knowledge number: If won't differentiate really, can choose a bit more regular brand. General and normal commodity all has the brand of manufacturer home to mark, and a few blame are normal product or a few qualitative second product often only a few more stickup papery label, do not have any mark even. Maintain secret book

Please experience and the professional that have aptitude undertake installing. When installation, faucet should not want as far as possible with good thing knock against, do not be in cement, sizy remain waiting for content the surface, lest damage exterior film burnish. If be newly-built house, feed pipe net is new store, the affirmation in water can have the foreign matter such as arenaceous bead, watchful general conduit wants before installation inside sundry and cleared, turn on the water for long till Qing Dynasty of water qualitative change ability installs faucet.

Guan Jin do not close severely certainly greatly. A lot of people are used to after gone faucet make designedly some of force close bibcock a few closer, this cannot be taken very much. Such doing won't prevent not only slack, can cause loss to sealed a powerful person instead, bring about bibcock to close lax.

Good convention assures complete be like new. To avoid to rust, after giving out at ordinary times, should wipe bibcock surface clean; Again bibcock is highlighted quite commonly, should notice to take so knock against is fastened when putting goods or overwhelm it.

Current decrescent wants clear foreign matter. In hydraulic do not fall under the circumstance of 0.02mpa, if discover quantity giving water to decrease, it is likely jammed inside bibcock. Solve method to be in the place of mouth giving water of bibcock to be twisted gently with spanner namely enter the water cover of mouth screen mesh, mount takes care again after cleaning foreign matter, can restore to be like commonly first.
Additional, use to go to the lavatory, kitchen bibcock should be chosen a few taller, mouth giving water also wants very long, had better be extend to outfall upper part, and still cannot splash water.
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