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The common sense of choose and buy of bibcock
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Faucet of configuration, choose and buy is roughly OK from proceed with of the following respects

1.Use function and structural characteristic.

Current, the market sails upstream what mouth product suits household to use is multifarious, have everything that one expects to find. But, no matter have how many kinds, haply can distinguish from two respects. With respect to use function character, can divide mouth of mouth of water of the crock that it is bath, face basin water, kitchen water mouth 3 kinds, what the configuration kind that carries different individual be fond of can achieve ideal and result is consistent. And will tell according to structural characteristic, can divide for core of a powerful person of pottery and porcelain mouth of single authority water and mouth of 90° switch water and helix rise type balata firmly mouth of 3 kinds of water.

Before 2 kinds of products are with classics of industrial pottery and porcelain the plane of special treatment is achieved open and those who shut source of water. After that a kind of product has the tendency that is washed out stage by stage on current market. Before the key depends on 2 kinds of products have the advantage with convenient, agile operation, it is respect of existing product structure is most popular. In the meantime, the product of automatic after there also is classics set in importing a product temperature adjustment and sensitization or infrared ray control open and the product that shut source of water.

2.Water mouth surface reachs the option that its besmear holds.

Present water mouth product has introduced before this breed of outfit of its surface besmear is very much, the move of the choice depends on the be fond of according to consumer individual and requirement and indoor overall adornment be being covered suitably mainly. Those are machining proposal consumer preference the more mature product on craft, have the bright chromium that uses more generally namely, namely we the product that normally appellation " overcomes Luo Mi " . The experience that its craft has passed a few years is accumulated, quality is relatively reliable.

3.Of water mouth quality differentiate.

(1) turning or pull when touching handle, answer light, agile feeling of the block that do not have card, the water mouth that has feeling blocking block has quality problem more or less commonly, or it is to assemble undeserved, or it is to debug undeserved, some may be even be assembled by inferior component and become.

(2) normally the circumstance enters the water the mouth is in put through cannot identify before fountainhead whether to have leakage, but can join through checking its place has basically each without become loose feeling will achieve a goal. Because this kind shakes a likelihood,be the immediate cause that causes water mouth leakage.

(3) the product that people does not like the sort of surface generally to have apparent flaw, to water mouth anything but exceptional. Should notice water mouth surface has so do not have film without the burr that because of eletroplating quality difference forms, deeply anxious dot, certain place, have wait without the alveolus that forms because of casting quality to differ and stain.
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