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Appropriate floor drain eliminates the choose and buy effectively peculiar smell
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How can eliminate the peculiar smell between Wei Yu, note of floor drain choose and buy. Although floor drain is small, but the issue that should select an appropriate floor drain to need a consideration is very much also.

One, below the premise that the construction that knows floor drain cannot change in existing building construction, floor drain is deodorant should be the best method that solves odor problem.

Floor drain how deodorant? That has to understand its construction first. Common floor drain includes floor drain commonly body and float lid. Floor drain body is the component that shows floor drain forms water to seal, the body is store inlet, because a lot of floor drain are at present deodorant,basically be to rely on water to seal, this tectonic depth, design is so reasonable decided ability of floor drain blowdown and the size that prevent peculiar smell ability. Float when the lid has water, can be along with water inside floor drain body drift up and down, a lot of floating additionally connective bell overspreads a lid below the lid, next conduit the lid dies when anhydrous or water is little, prevent a stink to be turned over from inside next conduit indoor.

2, floor drain utility has exclusive divide from use function, floor drain cent is common use and washing machine is special two kinds.

Washing machine is special floor drain is the inter has a round opening, can insert for drainpipe, the lid that Fu can rotate on, need not when can build on, the unscrew when using, very convenient, but deodorant function is inferior to common floor drain. However, because the expert suggests not to want to overmuch ground is installed and install floor drain as far as possible in the room, also having a few floor drain at present is amphibious.

3, material chooses to the floor drain on exquisite market goes up character from material character cent basically has stainless steel floor drain, Pvc floor drain and complete copper floor drain 3 kinds.

Because floor drain is buried,be under the ground, and the requirement is sealed good, often cannot change so, it is very important to because this selects proper capable person,pledge. Among them complete copper floor drain begins to own larger and larger share because of its excellent performance. Stainless steel floor drain because the exterior is beautiful and advanced a few years very popular, but tell according to concerning professional, stainless steel cost is high, and film is thin, because this cannot pass a few years still ineludible rusty destiny; And Pvc floor drain is low-cost, deodorant result is right also, but material has pledged fragile, easy ageing, especially northward winter air temperature is low, have more than is needed needs too for long to change, because this market also is not valued; At present most is chromic floor drain of complete copper plating on the market, its film is deep, although time grew to give birth to copper to become rusty, better also clean, usually, complete copper floor drain can use 6 years at least.
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