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The classified characteristic of kitchen cistern reachs common sense of choose a
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1, classification and characteristic

Kitchen cistern divides cistern of stone of enamel of stone of cast-iron enamel, pottery and porcelain, stainless steel, man-made, armor plate, Yakeli, crystallization to wait by material; Divide odd basin, double basin, size double basin, abnormity double basin to wait by design.

Cistern of enamel of ① armor plate is beautiful.

Cistern of ② pottery and porcelain is durable wear-resisting.

Model of cistern of ③ man-made stone easy, corner office does not have juncture.

If ④ pays attention to the integral colour of kitchen utensils and appliances, optional Yakeli cistern. It has white not only, still have other the color that can match kitchen utensils and appliances.

⑤ writtens guarantee spar cistern is iron grey, rice is Brown mostly, caution wants when use, meeting cut surface mixes sharp cutting tool and harsh thing destroy bright and clean degree.

Popularity of cistern of ⑥ stainless steel is long already, what stainless steel cistern uses for the circumstance at present is more, because stainless steel material shows the metal that come character,this kind of choice is not just simple sense has some of contemporary flavor quite, more important is stainless steel easily clean, face plate small weight is light, and still have the advantage such as anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant, humidity. On the price, differ to thousands of yuan from hundreds of yuan.

Cistern of ⑦ cast-iron enamel is durable, but the market does not see more, have entrance product now and then, its price also is in thousands of yuan of above, let average person not dare make inquires.

2, choice

When cistern of choose and buy, head deepness of Lv of take an examination, the birdbath that imports partly does not suit large boiler of home to provide. It is size next, whether bottom has moistureproof measure also cannot be omited, notice the following

① decides cistern width according to ambry mesa width, general cistern width should spend subtractive 10-15 for stage bizygomatic breadth centimeter.

When ② chooses stainless steel cistern, material pledges ply wants moderate, too small conference affects cistern service life and intensity, heavy panel damages easily by the tableware of catharsis. See the flatness of stainless steel surface even additionally, be like uneven demonstrative quality is poor.

Normally the circumstance issues ③ , clean cubage bigger cistern is practical good, deepness with 18 centimeters better, outside can preventing spray so, splash.

④ cistern finishing with inferior light is beautiful and practical, cistern weld wants careful observation, welding line must level off is even, without rusty spot.

⑤ modelling is beautiful, the design is reasonable, in order to have excessive water opening had better.

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