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Use knowledge to drainpipe choose and buy
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The service pipe that at present the residence decorates basically is PPR canal and copper pipe, catchment conduit basically is hard pvc (PVC-U) tubal material.

PPR canal: The official name of PPR is random copolymerization polypropylene. It is becomes by propylene and copolymerization of other olefin monomer random copolymer, other and luscious group is not had in alkene monomer. As a kind of new-style conduit, PPR canal has following characteristics:

(1) wholesome, avirulent, can use at system of road of hose of clean water, water directly.

(2) anti-corrosive, not easy knot dirties, eliminated 2 pollution that rustily knot dirty causes galvanization steel tube.

(3) heat-resisting, can carry temperature for a long time to be the hot water under 70 ℃ , can bear instantaneous the high temperature of 95 ℃ .

(4) heat preservation performance is good, the coefficient of thermal conductivity when 20 ℃ is the 1/200 of steel tube about only, the 1/1400 of violet copper pipe.

(5) weight is light, intensity is high, PPR density is 0.89-0.91g/cm3, 1/9 what be steel tube only, of violet copper pipe very one of.

(6) resistance of the fluid inside conduit is little, wall tubal material is smooth, not easy knot dirties, fluid obstruction is far under metallic conduit.

(7) use hot frit bear insert join, installation is simple and reliable, service life is long.

In recent years PPR canal development of home is rapidder, but the good and bad are intermingled of quality of the product on the market, existence ichthyosaur is mixed bead phenomenon. Cold water is in charge of or heat up conduit no matter, the material that provides material is qualitative should same, cold, hot conduit is a wall only thick different. But the it is pipe fitting of more widespread presence, at present better to heat up conduit to use raw material on the market, and cold conduit uses PPB (PPB is embed paragraph of copolymerization propylene) the circumstance that pretends to be PPR, but of different material because material differs character,solder, weld appears extremely easily rupture, the circumstance such as drop of sealing off, leakage, using next becoming for a long time hidden trouble.

Watchful identifying answers to be in charge of the label on material when consumer choose and buy, product name should use random copolymerization polypropylene to be in charge of cold hot water of material ” or “ to be in charge of material ” with PP-R for “ cold hot water, have bright show executive national level “GB/T18742-2002” . Should discover a product by the coronal with other name or when implementing other standard, should bring to sb's attention. Heat up conduit appropriate to choose tubal series S to be 2.5 the following canal material generally speaking, namely external diameter the above of 3.4mm of thick appropriate of wall tubal material of 20, the above of 4.2mm of thick appropriate of wall tubal material of 25. In addition what the linear expansion coefficient that PP-R is in charge of is copper pipe about is decuple, the attention answers when construction is installed, stay have bilge shrink leeway.
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