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Cistern of choose and buy needs watchful issue
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Choose cistern to want to see flatness above all. Note the following problem:

1.Nice cistern capable person is used more character 304 model the stainless steel that take off magnetism is made, and ply moderate, with 0.8mm-1.0mm advisable, cross service life of small effect cistern and intensity.

2.Cistern of use stainless steel, the surface is blown easily to spend ” by “ . The wear that ” of “ Ma Guang handles is better, inferior solely processing criterion will be bright and clean spend and wear is united in wedlock together.

3.It is good that a lot of people think cistern shapes, actually double chamfer deepness (the overall height that is not cell body and groovy edge) exceed 18cm, the course solders. Soldering quality is quite important also, solder should level off, pliable, without rusty spot, without burr.

4.Featheredge can avoid cistern and water of ooze of mesa joint place. Drip, broken broken bits falls on mesa, use dishcloth can be wiped gently cistern, featheredge is opposite to treatment craft requirement taller.

5.Decide cistern width according to breadth of hutch bar range, the width of cistern should subtract for hutch bar face 10cm is controlled. Size of hutch bar area is in 50cm-60cm, cistern width is in 43cm-48cm.

6.The cistern with larger volume is practical good, deepness is better with 20cm, can splash in order to prevent outside spray.

7.Noise elimination fills up the fittings of become reconciled.

On international, the professional production manufacturer of basin of stainless steel catharsis has “ to not Lan Ka ” , “shu Naite (SONATA)” , Ou Lin (OULIN) and “Clark” , but the price is higher, double chamfer formula makes an appointment with ¥ 500-1100.

Attention: Rub the manufacturer that favour MOEN is not cistern of professional production stainless steel, produce the professional manufacturer of bibcock however.

Actually, cistern of a stainless steel, not need is bought too good, a lot of homebred brands, quality is good, the price is some cheaper, make an appointment with ¥ 400 can buy right cistern formula, dimension: 780*450*200.

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