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Choose a flower to asperse exquisite " 3 look "
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Complete flower is aspersed include 3 shares

A complete flower is aspersed include a flower to asperse head, Hua Sazhu and tube.

Among them, double those who asperse configuration is more, include one build poppyhead to asperse hold a flower to asperse with; The sheet that odd skill maintains a flower to asperse asperses configuration not scarce also; The flower of luxurious configuration is aspersed besides head poppyhead is aspersed and holding a flower to asperse still spraying decoration of one or more side is aspersed, have the effect that massages to the waist. The appearance that the top asperses with the circle most general, still have the square that has distinguishing feature alone, free and easy and optional star form, offerred the opportunity that individuation chooses to people.

The measure that the flower asperses a head is very substantial, to hyperbole from cabinet and delicate 130 millimeter the 400 millimeter of bully gas have, the flower that chooses what kind of dimension is aspersed want the actual area according to toilet, little space mights as well in the quadrature in compasses, large space is about to have old style, suitable talent is best.

The means giving water that the flower asperses is much also appearance is colorful, natural and satisfied drench, the massage of comfortable conciliation, vigor 4 shoot stimulate shoot, still have champagne bubble, the water column eject feeling that brings a person to differ.

Body ability of Hua Sazhu is in the majority with complete copper, copper alloy character, exterior much inflict is able to bear or endure the chromium with antirust salt, because this spends aspersed color to be in the majority with chromic color, also have the nickel that pull silk, argent wait for finishing color with bright copper, but opposite not common.

Choose a flower to asperse tell “ 3 look”

Appearance looks be like about the same flower to asperse, choose to have greatly however exquisite.

Professional personage says, choose a flower to asperse see water above all.

With the car, the flower is aspersed also have engine, the flower with good design is aspersed can assure distributive of every spray orifice water amount is basic and same. The flower lets asperse when choosing tilt a water, if most the spray orifice of coping gives water apparently small or flat not, the interior design that explains the flower is aspersed is very general, although have,stimulate shoot, a variety of means giving water such as eject, consumer also may cannot get corresponding satisfied experience. See sprinkler head next, the flower is aspersed with long hard to avoid can have furring deposit, if cannot get clearing, some spray orifice can be jammed possibly, the flower that human nature changes a design asperses shower nozzle to often be highlighted outer, facilitating cleanness, or it is shower nozzle uses silica gel material to be made character, bouncy, it is OK that dishcloth or hand are used when cleanness the deposit furring on flick away shower nozzle.
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