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The jewel of choose and buy of stainless steel cistern
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One, the classification with qualitative material of stainless steel cistern

1, 304# material qualitative stainless steel

2, 202# material qualitative stainless steel

3, 201# material qualitative stainless steel

The difference that a few kinds of afore-mentioned stainless steel material pledge the biggest distinction depends on corrosion resistance can going up, 304 best, 202 a bit poor, 201 take second place, of course the price differs also is tremendous. It is clear to when consumer is bought, seek advice to the businessman certainly please so, be duped carefully. What had better have manufacturer is qualitative keep a book.

2, finishing classification

1, pearl silver-colored face

2, wear the arenaceous face that pull silk

3, surface of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics

4, polishing lens face

4 kinds of craft have above each specialty dot, among them pearl silver-colored face is most popular, its craft is to use have in season to its surface first arenaceous, undertake chemical finishing to its next, the surface showily, experience is long long new. Surface of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics already gradually hasten is popular, characteristic is collect grinds advantage of the arenaceous craft that pull silk and advantage of polishing lens area at an organic whole, behave exquisite, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics to be like damask.

3, the classification on the structure

1, sheet is basin shaped

2, double basin shaped

3, 3 basin shaped

4, head wing section

Sheet is basin shaped cistern basin put oneself in another's position is large, choose more convenient, comfortable, there already was length to exceed 900mm to grow on market at present basin shaped. Modelling is more luxurious also air, of course the price also is more expensive. Double basin shaped most practical, it is more commonly child mother double basin, namely advocate the basin increases put oneself in another's position of a complementary basin, advocate basin catharsis, complementary basin makes clean bubble use. 3 division of labor are more clear, its defect is basin body big, large kitchen just has the land of use force. Taking wing section cistern to be in domestic town is not very popular, be in nevertheless Euramerican more popular.

4, go water unit

Go water unit may be by most consumer the thing of place oversight, but it is a very crucial part in cistern configuration however, to the price of cistern the influence also is exceedingly big, good complete stainless steel enters the water implement the price exceeds 100 yuan, return some offal implement contain enter the water automatically device, crossing a function is not meddlesome certainly more, begin to go to the lavatory, time grows likelihood occurrence problem!

5, measure stainless steel cistern to compare ply
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