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How the choose and buy lives in healthy flower to asperse
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The flower that chooses a health is aspersed, can let shower become carefree, comfortable. Massage flower is aspersed. Spray is driving and strong, discontinuity pour into, every acupuncture point that can stimulate the body. Among them, turbine type spends aspersed current to be a water column centrally, make the skin has small Ma Wei's urticant feeling, can stimulate well, sober brains; Strong Shu Shihua is aspersed can produce mist shape result through the collision between current, increase the interest that wash bath.

Constant temperature flower is aspersed

Bathe to want to adjust afresh every time is water warm? This is too troublesome. Might as well the flower that chooses constant temperature equipment of a configuration is aspersed, the appearance of this kind of device and common bibcock switch are same, not only can adjusting control temperature, still can use “ of metallic ball valve to remember the temperature with the properest ” , should choose only secure its after a kind of water is warm namely this kind of flower is aspersed can make not only shower person relaxed control water lukewarm, discharge, still can be opposite safeguard action reachs since the bath safety of old person, children.

From clean the flower is aspersed

Traditional flower is aspersed, its give water opening is to collect those who be inside normally, and a kind of newest design criterion on the market rather, the aperture giving water that stylist feels balata boldly character is bare outside, feel hard hard. This kind of design comes is for convenient cleanness, swab with hand, cloth can; 2 come water hole is highlighted outer, meeting exert water is more natural. Additional, some flowers are aspersed still have ego cleanness function, face cloth has the injection that divide dirty, when gush water, what OK and automatic cleanness gives water opening is sedimentary.

Can rotate the flower is aspersed

The conduit of a few brands and litre fall lever is very agile, joint still is set prevent twist the ball bearing that tangle, although the edge bathes to dance by the side of you, conduit also not “ fights ” , litre fall still deserve to have on lever rotate controller.

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