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The choose and buy is high grade faucet has key
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1, function of environmental protection of Lv of choice faucet take an examination

As the improvement of living condition, of standard of living rise, people is higher and higher also to the requirement of water quality. Accordingly, environmental protection, the faucet of functional sex is taken seriously increasingly. Some businessmen or manufacturer begin to initiate new idea from the environmental protection angle with functional sex, basically be to reduce the quantity containing lead of faucet to be given priority to in order to improve water quality.

The body of a powerful person of general bibcock is its content that be cast by bronze and becomes is in roughly 82 % of 54 % ~ , the quantity containing copper of a few high grade entrance bibcock can be as high as 85 % , besides copper, still have other content of a few metals, if plumbic content is exorbitant a meeting is adverse to human body health. The quantity containing lead of many faucet on the market is in generally now 3 % ~ 5 % , and the amount containing lead of the faucet that imports former outfit is smaller, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, some manufacturer already gave small lead in development model faucet, its contain lead to measure but under 0.3 % .

Besides small lead model outside bibcock of healthy environmental protection, a few very small add designs also are reflected gave the people pursuit to functional sex. For instance the two side of kitchen bibcock add the juice that hold yamen runner implement asperse with the floret that rinses cistern, deserve to install what screen pack of special stainless steel overspreads to aerate in faucet exit the mouth, but rate of slow down flow, in stopping water sundry, improve water quality.

2, buy faucet quality advanced, design is in hind

The style of faucet is very much, quality answers when be being bought the first, design the 2nd.

Faucet controls handle to Chan Bing and Shuang Bingzhi are divided. A lot of consumer think single authority bibcock is noveller, when Shuang Bing already was passed, actually, this is outside design problem, can not show quality how. Should set out from actual condition when the choose and buy. The characteristic of single authority bibcock is control goes to the lavatory, the structure is simple. Of Shuang Bing want water of both hands adjustment lukewarm, but design can suit more situations (if the stage issues basin bibcock, massage crock bibcock) . Single authority bibcock is in open and the instant that shut, hydraulic meeting lifts quickly, if the volume containing copper of the product is not high, expand hydraulicly via rising, damage very easily, when so single authority bibcock is being used, should slowly open and shut. And range of compression of double handle bibcock is big, hydraulic be released slowly, so nonexistent this problem.

3, when buying, should notice to look to try more more

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