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Ansailemidaer predicts rolled steel price will keep driving
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Zhou San, company of Er of tower of An Saile rice refuted the steely production business with the biggest whole world the statement that global economy growing slowdown will cause commodity futures price to drop, say steely inside the prospective period of time that can foreknow price will continue to keep driving.

Company of Er of tower of An Saile rice (ArcelorMittal) expresses, because produce steely raw material and facility cost to rise continuously, because of price of this iron and steel " because drive and keep of structural sex element driving,will continue. "

Tycoon of this steely industry expresses, the steely product value that predicts the 3rd quarter will keep the fourth quarter generally. This company emphasizes saying at the same time, in at present with the car, pack and industry of electric home appliances The company shows Ansailemidaer, be opposite to answer of steely market seasonal fatigued and weak, this company will adopt the strategy that adjusts production to be stabilized in order to keep product price.

The share price of Er of tower of An Saile rice in stock market of Paris of Zhou San France dropped 2.2% . Since last week this about shrink 9% .

Before the statement that in Ansailemidaer the company publishs value of product of predicting iron and steel to will keep driving, this company announced yesterday in all iron and steel of south Africa its product price is reduced 8% . This act makes the market fears steely price will drop quickly generally.

Recently a few weeks since, the first issue that worries as a result of investor already arrived from troublesome and ceaseless financial system move above the risk of global economy growing slowdown, commodity futures price has dropped considerably.

Price of crude oil futures had dropped from every pails of 147 dollars that created July this year nearly 40 dollars. On market of a few regions, rolled steel price had dropped of 30% . Gold (179, - 1.79, - 0.99% , ) futures price also is compared maximum price dropped this year 20% . In addition, copper, aluminous, nickel and price of useless old metal already all dropped considerably.

The company is in Ansailemidaer to announce today at the same time, supply to make sure its produce steely important raw material, this company had reached value the 432.5 million dollar, deliberation that opens manganese mine jointly in south Africa.

Company of Er of tower of An Saile rice's as will state-owned as KalahariResources company and south Africa financial orgnaization industry expands a company (IndustrialDevelopmentCorporation) develops KalagadiManganese manganese mine jointly.

Manganese mine is joined in the ferroalloy of a few types in order to increase alloy strength.

Beautiful east 23:5 of time Zhou San9, share price of company of Er of tower of An Saile rice dropped 3.16 dollars, drop 4.4% , sign up for 68.75 dollars.
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